The Integral Equipment in Laboratories: Kalstein Drying Ovens

Widely used in the drying process, sterilization, thermostatic storage, heat treatment, other fields, the basic equipment of laboratory and research units, but not for volatile, flammable, explosive and other items, to avoid causing an explosion.

Drying ovens are a fundamental solution in laboratories thanks to their precision and versatility, and no brand understands this better than Kalstein. Its laboratory drying oven models offer a wide range of technical specifications and high-performance features that meet both universal and more specific laboratory needs.

Robust and precise models: YR05244 to YR05247

Models YR05244 to YR05247 mark the entry-level range of Kalstein drying ovens. They operate at a temperature range of RT+5 to 250ยฐC, with an accuracy of ยฑ0.1ยฐC and a fluctuation of just ยฑ1%, ensuring reliable and accurate climate control. With an electrical capacity of 220V and 1 kilowatt of power, these models are robust and reliable, ideal for a variety of laboratory applications.

In addition, these models have a user-friendly and simple user interface. Temperature adjustment is made easy, allowing for reduced heating times and therefore greater efficiency in laboratory operations.

Versatile Drying Ovens: The Models YR05248 to YR05255

Starting with the YR05248 model, Kalstein increases functionality by adding a timer with a range of 0 to 999 minutes. These drying ovens maintain the performance of previous models both in temperature, ranging from RT+5 to 250ยฐC, and in accuracy and fluctuation, both at ยฑ1%. Their power ranges from 1 to 2.5 kilowatts depending on the model, thus offering different levels of efficiency according to the userโ€™s needs.

These drying ovens offer additional flexibility by allowing programmed operating times. This is ideal for applications that require specific heating and cooling cycles, or for operations that must continue outside normal working hours.

A Stove for Specific Needs: Model YR05259-2

The Kalstein Model YR05259-2 is an example of the companyโ€™s adaptability to the particular requirements of laboratories. With a temperature range up to 300ยฐC, this model handles applications that require a higher-than-average level of heating.

In addition, its power can range from 0.8 to 1.6 kilowatts, providing additional flexibility to adapt to specific laboratory needs. Despite its larger operating range, this model maintains accuracy and temperature fluctuation to ยฑ1%, which ensures reliability and consistency.

Kalstein, A Reliable Partner in the Laboratory

In summary, Kalstein laboratory drying ovens combine robustness, precision, flexibility and efficiency to become an indispensable technology partner in any laboratory. Whatever the needs of the laboratory, Kalstein offers a reliable, high-performance solution.