Kalstein Laboratory Vacuum Ovens: Technical Specifications and Features

In the competitive world of laboratories and medicine, having the right technology can make a remarkable difference. Kalstein’s laboratory vacuum oven models make an exceptional difference. These models pose a significant improvement in terms of reliability, efficiency and accuracy for professional laboratories. This article focuses on detailing the technical specifications and features of the Kalstein models, specifically from the YR05260 to YR05995 range.

Model YR05260 to YR05265: Innovation and Precision

Models from YR05260 (A) through YR05263 (SS) to YR05265 (SS) feature a temperature range from RT + 5 ℃ to 250 ℃, providing a broad spectrum of possibilities for processes requiring stringent temperature control. In addition, they have a timer with a range from 0 to 999 minutes, ensuring absolute precision at every moment of the process.

The materials used for the chamber of these models vary between zinc-plated chamber and stainless steel. This contributes to their resistance and durability in laboratory environments, guaranteeing a long service life to the equipment. With a temperature accuracy of ± 1 and a fluctuation of ± 2%, these models ensure rigorous and accurate control. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/vacuum-drying-oven-yr05260-a-yr05261-a-yr05264-a/

Power and capacity: YR05260 to YR05265

Despite their compact design, these models are surprisingly powerful. They range from 0.9 to 1.4 kilowatts, allowing them to operate at high efficiency levels. In terms of vacuum, they all have a vacuum rating of less than 133, which supports their robustness and versatility.

The models vary in internal size depending on the model selected, from 28x30x30mm to 44×48.5×42.5mm. This variety makes it possible to adapt to different space requirements in the laboratory.

Model YR05265-1 to YR05995: Efficiency in a compact design

The models YR05265-1 (SS) to YR05995 (S) define a new standard in laboratory ovens with their temperature range of 50 ℃ to 200 ℃. They also maintain the characteristic precision of the Kalstein brand, with ±1 in accuracy.

Continuing in line with previous models, these instruments feature timers ranging from 0 to 999 minutes. This range is essential for maintaining strict research and laboratory protocols, ensuring enviable versatility and adaptability. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/vacuum-drying-oven-yr05265-1-ss-yr05995-s/

Power and specifications for models YR05265-1 to YR05995

From 0.8 to 2 kilowatts, these models optimize power consumption while maintaining high performance. They ensure a vacuum rating of less than 133, reaffirming their powerful specifications.

In summary, Kalstein vacuum laboratory ovens excel in precision, adaptability and energy efficiency. Their varied range in terms of technical specifications ensures that every laboratory will find in these models the perfect tool for its research and development needs.