Operation Lamp

The lighting of an operating room is one of the essential aspects to consider to achieve success in any of the surgical procedures carried out in these places. This illumination is achieved through the operation lamps which are special lamps designed to illuminate the surgical area, thus providing a bright and uniform illumination centered on the operating table during the surgical act.

Operation lamps provide the correct lighting during a surgical procedure. The light in these lamps is white, because in the operating room the doctor needs to observe clearly the color of any organ or tissue, as this is an indicator of the patient's condition and health. They also have the ability to emit hours of bright light without overheating the patient or health personnel involved in the intervention.

Types of operating lamps that may be needed in a chirophane operating room

Operation Lamp YR02115

As an innovator and pioneer in the modern shadowless light operation industry, Kalstein incorporates advanced...


Operation Lamp YR02125

Quantum leap becomes especially evident in the modern operating room, with criteria of safety, efficiency...


Operation Lamp YR02106

Light sources with four colors (green, amber, red and warm/cold white) are mixed exactly where...


Operation Lamp YR05996 

The quantum leap becomes particularly evident in the modern operating room, with criteria of safety, efficiency...


Our Top Selling Operating Lamp

Light sources with four colors( Green, Amber, Red and Warm/Cold White) are mixed excatly where it is created (in the unique light beam condensor)- but not in the surgical field, which brings super high CRI (Ra>=95).Meanwhile, the New Light Source requires less LEDs to reach a ideal illuminance with lower irradiated heat.

Lighting inside an operating room is considered one of the fundamental factors to obtain successful and uncomplicated surgical procedures. This illumination is made through the operation lamps which are special lamps designed to illuminate the surgical area, providing a bright and uniform illumination centered on the operating table during the surgical act.

Analysis of the best Operating Light for your Chirophane Operating Room

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The operating lamp is medical equipment used during surgical procedures. It is a very useful tool, which allows the surgeon...


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Operating theaters are a vital environment for many hospitals, and operating lights are an essential part of this space...


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Surgical lamps are devices used to illuminate the surgical field for a long time allowing an optimal visualization of small ...


Guides to become an expert in Operating Lamp

Operating Lamp equipment are essential products in a laboratory, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert.

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What problems can I avoid when using an operating lamp?

Operating lamps are medical devices that are essential for safe and accurate surgical procedures. These are designed to provide a powerful, uniform and controllable light to provide the doctor and patient with a safe medical environment....

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