Kalstein Portable Laboratory Spectrophotometers: Reliability, Accuracy and Durability

The Kalstein Portable Laboratory Spectrophotometer combines outstanding technology with customized solutions for different laboratory analysis needs. These spectrophotometers vary in technical aspects such as optical geometry, light source type, spectrophotometric modes, wave range and measurement aperture capabilities.

Basic Specifications of Kalstein Models

Kalstein laboratory spectrophotometers are essential for any professional laboratory looking for high quality, accurate and durable equipment. The YR05500, YR05501 and YR05502 are models with remarkable features in design and technology. With a diffuse illumination optical geometry, they allow accurate and fast measurement of 400-700nm wavelength ranges.

These models use a combined LED light source and have the ability to measure reflectance ranges from 0-200%. In addition, depending on the measurement need, the measurement aperture can be switched between two options on the YR05500 and YR05501 models and a single aperture on the YR05502. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/grating-spectrophotometer-with-uv-sci-sce-bluetooth-yr05500-yr05502/

Features of Special Models YR05503 and YR05504

The YR05503 and YR05504 portable laboratory spectrophotometers are remarkable for their specialty. Not only are they used in laboratories, but the design of the YR05503, with a 20mm aperture, allows the measurement of the brightness factor and color coordinates of traffic signs, markings and reflective films. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/grating-spectrophotometer-with-20mm-aperture-yr05503/

The YR05504 is a high-precision spectrophotometer, ideal for precise laboratory color analysis and transmission. Both models comply with various international standards, confirming their accuracy and reliability. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/grating-spectrophotometer-with-8mm-and-4mm-apertures-yr05504/

Technical Characteristics of Model YR05505

The Kalstein Model YR05505 is a common spectrophotometer with a level of customization in its measuring aperture. This instrument is particularly useful in the paint, ink, textile, apparel, printing and dyeing industries. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/plus-45-0-8mm-spectrophotometer-yr05505/

With its combined LED light source and its 256-imaging element dual matrix CMOS image sensor, this spectrophotometer guarantees perfect light measurement, enabling quality control and accurate color transfer.

Integrated Technology in Kalstein Spectrophotometers

All Kalstein spectrophotometers are driven by CMOS technology, employing dual-array image sensors with 256 imaging elements that ensure maximum accuracy in color measurement. With their combined LED light source and 48mm integrating sphere, these spectrophotometers are equipped to deliver fast and reliable results.

Additionally, the color spaces that can be measured, which include CIE LAB, XYZ, Yxy, LCh, CIE LUV, HunterLAB, βxy, grant versatility and adaptability to these spectrophotometers in any type of laboratory or application. All these aspects, combined with their optical segregation and wave range, make Kalstein spectrophotometers an outstanding choice for any professional looking for results of unmatched quality and precision.