Features and Specifications of Kalstein Portable Benchtop Spectrophotometer Models

In the modern world where detail is crucial and accurate analysis is a fundamental component of quality assurance in various industries, there is a need for high performance laboratory equipment. Kalsteinโ€™s portable benchtop laboratory spectrophotometers emerge as a comprehensive solution to meet this challenge. Essential tools for accurate color measurement and quality control in industries ranging from plastic electronics to ceramics, these spectrophotometers offer outstanding technical specifications and features.

Portable Benchtop Spectrophotometer Model YR05484

This model has a 45/0 optical geometry and uses a combined full-spectrum LED light source, including UV light, for operation. Its function is essential for precise color analysis and transmission in various branches of industry.

One of the outstanding features of model YR05484 is its unique customized aperture of ฮฆ18/8/4 mm in diameter. This technical specification enables precise measurement of brightness factor and color coordinates in applications such as traffic signs, markings and reflective films. In addition, this uniqueness allows you to manually customize the rectangular tolerance of the polygons. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/portable-desktop-spectrophotometer-yr05484/

Portable Benchtop Spectrophotometer Model YR05485

The model YR05485 features a D/8 optical geometry and, like the previous model, uses a combined full-spectrum LED light source, including UV light. It stands out for its ease of use thanks to its rotating press-type structure.

This model features ฮฆ30 mm apertures, ideal for measuring large samples. Its precision is essential for accurate color transmission in various industries, and it can also be used for measuring fluorescence samples. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/portable-desktop-spectrophotometer-yr05485/

Portable Tabletop Spectrophotometer Model YR05486

The YR05486 also features a D/8 optical geometry and has apertures of ฮฆ8/4 mm, allowing wide adaptability for horizontal or vertical measurements. Its accuracy in color measurement in various industries is undisputed.

This model also employs a combined full-spectrum LED light source, including UV light, and its measured reflectance range is 0~200%, ensuring a wide range of usability. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/portable-desktop-spectrophotometer-yr05486/

Portable Benchtop Spectrophotometer Model YR05487

The latest model, the YR05487, maintains the D/8 optical geometry common to previous models and also uses a combined full spectrum LED light source.

One of the special features of the YR05487 model is its customized aperture, which allows horizontal or vertical measurements, resulting in greater adaptability to the type of sample being analyzed. In addition, it also has a reflectance range of 0~200%. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/portable-desktop-spectrophotometer-yr05487/

Kalsteinโ€™s four models of Portable Benchtop Spectrophotometer meet international quality standards and offer outstanding accuracy and reliability, making them essential tools in any laboratory requiring precise measurement and quality control of color.