A Leap Toward Precision: Model YR449 Tissue Water Bath for Laboratories

Within the scientific environment, it is common to deal with tissue samples and other fragile items that require delicate handling and experiment-specific conditions. In this scenario, an essential piece of equipment is the laboratory water bath. In this article, we will focus on one of the best on the market, the YR449 model from the innovative company Kalstein.

Innovation in Laboratory Temperature Control

The water bath is an essential piece of equipment in any modern laboratory. In numerous investigations, it is necessary to maintain the temperature of certain biological materials at a specific level, and this is the role of Kalsteinโ€™s YR449 tissue water bath for laboratories. This machine allows the temperature to be continuously adjusted over a range from room temperature to 90ยฐC and maintained automatically. This means that the user has total control over the thermal environment of the bio-materials, an unparalleled accuracy that is reflected in the results obtained in the laboratory.

The temperature control accuracy of ยฑ 1 ยฐC provided by YR449 demonstrates the efficiency of this equipment. This feature accelerates scientific experiments and improves their accuracy, ensuring reliable results.

Compact yet powerful design

The Kalstein YR449 has water dish dimensions of 240 x 180 x 50 mm (W x D x H). Offering sufficient size to accommodate multiple samples simultaneously, this equipment not only saves time but also optimizes your labโ€™s throughput. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/water-bath-yr449/

In addition to a compact design, its dimensions of 360 x 350 x 120 mm (W x D x H) allow for easy integration into any laboratory workspace. Despite its small size, the YR449 makes no compromises in terms of power, as it can handle a working voltage of AC 220V ยฑ 10% at 50Hz (standard model) or AC 110V ยฑ 10% at 60Hz, and a power of 200W.

Easy and safe operation

One of the most outstanding features of the Kalstein model YR449 laboratory tissue water bath is its ease of use. This machine is designed in such a way that any lab team can use it and set it up according to their needs without hassle.

Its net weight of 5 kg also contributes to the practicality and safety of the equipment. This means that the equipment can be easily moved from place to place in the lab without using excessive force or exposing personnel to potential injury.

Achieve excellence in your lab with YR449

Driving efficiency and accuracy in any medical or research laboratory is a constant challenge. Kalsteinโ€™s Model YR449 Laboratory Tissue Water Bath has been created with precision in every detail to meet that challenge.

With this innovative equipment, you can be sure that your experiments and tests will be performed under the exact conditions you need, ensuring high quality and reliable results. Choose the Kalstein model YR449: laboratory equipment of the highest quality.