Vertical Laboratory Autoclaves: Fundamental to your sterilization process

While it is true that technology improves our quality of life on a daily basis, in the medical and clinical laboratory field, this help is essential to achieve a more efficient and safe work. Today we have access to equipment such as autoclaves, which are essential to ensure safety in these areas. This is precisely what this article is about, taking as protagonists the innovative Vertical Laboratory Autoclaves from the renowned brand Kalstein.

Portable Pressure Steam Autoclaves โ€“ Kalstein YR05698 to YR05700

Kalsteinโ€™s portable autoclave models range in capacity from 18, 24 to 30 liters, allowing laboratories to choose according to their needs. Compact in size, these units range in size from ฮฆ300*330mm to ฮฆ300*520mm and handle a maximum working pressure of 0.165Mpa, with working pressure ranging from 0.14-0.16Mpa.

These autoclaves operate efficiently at working temperatures of 115-129โ„ƒ. They feature an adjustable timer from 0-80 minutes and consume a power of 2KW. Their design and size make them the ideal choice for those situations where portability is needed without sacrificing efficiency.

Pulsating Vacuum Autoclaves with Automatic Levitation Door โ€“ Kalstein YR05688 to YR05691

Unlike the portable models, these Kalstein autoclaves operate at a higher maximum working pressure of 0.23Mpa, and maintain a constant working pressure of 0.22Mpa. These units can work in a temperature range of 105 โ€“ 134 โ„ƒ, with a temperature display accuracy of 0.1โ„ƒ.

In addition to their sterilization accuracy, which can be set from 0 โ€“ 99 minutes, these models also offer an adjustable drying function in the same time range. With a vacuum rate of -0.081Mpa and an average heat โ‰คยฑ1 โ„ƒ, they are a robust and reliable choice.

Vertical Steam Autoclaves with LCD Handwheel โ€“ Kalstein YR05665 to YR05668

Aligning to the most stringent requirements, these autoclaves offer a sterilization time that can be set from 0 โ€“ 99 min or even up to 0-99 hours 59 minutes. They work constantly at a working and maximum pressure of 0.23Mpa, and a design temperature of 136โ„ƒ.

The working temperature range varies from 105 โ€“ 134 โ„ƒ. Like other models, they maintain an average heat โ‰คยฑ1โ„ƒ and a temperature display accuracy of 0.1โ„ƒ. These autoclaves feature LCD display handwheel, which improve the operation and monitoring of the equipment.

Portable Steam Autoclave with Digital Display โ€“ Kalstein YR05701 to YR05703

Finally, these models combine the best of both worlds: portability and advanced functionality. They operate at a working pressure of 0.14-0.16Mpa and a working temperature range of 105 โ€“ 126 โ„ƒ.

In addition to having a sterilization time of 0 โ€“ 99 minutes, these models maintain an average heat โ‰คยฑ 1โ„ƒ, and feature a PC 1 sterilization drum. Their PID microprocessor for control and digital display for monitoring make these models a highly effective choice for modern laboratories. They feature an English interface and a voltage range of 110-240 V, 50/60 Hz, single phase.

In summary, Kalsteinโ€™s range of vertical laboratory autoclaves offers a wide variety of options for different needs and budgets, without sacrificing sterilization efficiency and precision.