Kalstein Laboratory Recirculating Coolers: Sophistication and Precision in the Service of Science

In the development of scientific and medical laboratory activities, precision and control of conditions are of paramount importance to achieve optimal results. Among the critical tools that contribute to this precision are Kalstein recirculating coolers. We will discuss in detail the technical specifications and features of the different Kalstein models.

Choosing the right recirculation chiller model is crucial to any laboratory operation. Kalstein products offer a wide variety of options, each with unique features and technical specifications, but all guaranteed to provide accurate and reliable temperature control. This review of specifications and features should guide you in choosing the right recirculating cooler for your laboratory needs.

Models YR02297 to YR02300: Superior Cooling for Laboratories

Kalstein models YR02297 to YR02300 offer an operating temperature range of -30 ~ 5หšC with a stable temperature stability at ยฑ 2หšC. These devices are powered by 220-240V~ voltage, with a frequency of 50/60Hz, perfect for laboratories and research spaces globally.

In addition, these models have a notorious cooling capacity concurrence with very good figures even at sub-zero temperatures. The refrigerant used, R410A for YR02297 and R404A for the others, is known for its efficiency and environmental friendliness. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/recirculating-chiller-yr02297-yr02300/

Models YR02293 to YR02296: Versatility and Efficiency in One Device

Kalstein models YR02293 to YR02296 offer a narrower temperature range, from -10 to 25หšC, but their accuracy is still maintained at an impressive ยฑ2หšC. These chillers have a cooling capacity scaled at 15 degrees, starting at 1000W and rising to a maximum of 6000W.

Their powerful flow rate allows them to quickly handle large volumes of liquid, while their R134A refrigerant ensures efficient cooling and significantly reduced environmental impact. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/recirculating-chiller-yr02293-yr02296/

Model YR02301: Small but Mighty

The Kalstein YR02301 may be small in size, but donโ€™t be fooled by its compact design. Despite having a fill volume of only 3L, this recirculation chiller has a working temperature range of -15 to 25หšC and a temperature stability of ยฑ2หšC.

In addition, this model uses R134a as the refrigerant, which facilitates efficient and environmentally friendly operation. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/recirculating-chiller-yr02301/

Models YR02302 to YR02305: High Performance for Large Volumes

Kalstein models YR02302 to YR02305 are designed to handle large volumes of liquid. They have a fill volume ranging from 10L to 40L with a temperature stability also of ยฑ 2หšC.

These models feature a cooling capacity at 15หšC that rises from 1000W to 6000W, making them ideal for laboratory applications requiring low temperatures and large liquid volumes. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/recirculating-chiller-yr02302-yr02305/

Kalstein laboratory recirculating chillers represent not only an investment in high quality technology, but also a commitment to accurate and reliable results in any scientific research or analysis.