Discovering the Power of Kalstein Laboratory Spectrophotometers

Technological advances have set the pace for multiple disciplines, and science is not far behind. In laboratories, the use of novel and effective technology is essential to obtain accurate and meaningful results.

An essential piece of equipment in any scientific or biomedical laboratory is the spectrophotometer, an essential tool for quantifying the concentration of components in a sample. This article focuses on describing the technical specifications and features of several models of Kalstein spectrophotometers.

The Potential of YR06033: Accuracy and Reliability

Kalsteinโ€™s YR06033 laboratory spectrophotometer offers the accuracy and reliability inherent in its light source, a high-performance xenon lamp. This model includes a CCD detector with 2048 pixels for accurate and detailed readings, capable of wavelengths from 190 to 1100 nm. In terms of accuracy, the YR06033 achieves a wavelength accuracy of ยฑ 1nm and a spectral resolution of 0.3 nm, proving its operational efficiency in the high end of laboratory technology.

The YR06033 also shines in nano-volume specifications. Its absorbance accuracy reaches 1% at 100ng/ยตI and its absorbance range reaches a remarkable 0-200Abs (10nm equivalent). It also offers a detection limit of 2ng/ยตI (dsDNA) and a maximum concentration of 15000ng/ยตI (dsDNA), providing professionals with the tools to carry out accurate and detailed analysis.

The YR05481 Advantages: Innovation and Versatility

Kalsteinโ€™s YR05481 model never fails to impress with its innovative system. With its distinguished D/8 optical geometry design and full-spectrum LED light, this model brings unparalleled versatility in terms of measurement and analysis. It includes an advanced 256-pixel dual-array CMOS image sensor and the ability to handle a wavelength from 400 to 700nm, with a 10nm output.

In addition, with its reflectance range measured from 0 to 200%, the YR05481 gives us a broader and more detailed view of the measurement results. This model stands out not only for its accuracy and performance, but also for its ability to adapt to various laboratory needs.

YR06033-1: A Pioneering Model

Kalstein continues its commitment to innovation and excellence with the YR06033-1. This spectrophotometer features a xenon flash lamp that provides an excellent light source, and a 2048-line CCD matrix detector that is a guarantee for accurate data. With a wavelength range of 200 to 800 nm, it extends its ability to detect minute variations.

In addition, this model offers an absorbance accuracy of 0.003Abs and its detection range extends from 2 to 4500 ng/ฮผl (dsDNA), demonstrating its high capability for accurate measurements. Undoubtedly, the YR06033-1 is a safe bet for any laboratory looking to enhance its measurement and analysis capabilities.

The YR01862 Series: Power and Versatility

Finally, Kalsteinโ€™s YR01862 series is worth mentioning. These dual-beam spectrophotometer models feature an imported tungsten lamp and a deuterium lamp, providing a powerful and reliable light source. Both handle a wavelength from 190 to 1100 nm, with the ability to choose a bandwidth from 1.0 nm up to 5.0 nm in the YR01862-2 model.

In addition, these models feature a 10-inch HD smart touchscreen, facilitating interaction and visualization of the collected data. Undoubtedly, the YR01862 series represents the culmination of Kalsteinโ€™s commitment to innovation and excellence in laboratory technology.