Laboratory Innovation with the Implementation of the Kalstein Microwave Digester

Scientific research and clinical analysis requires precision, efficiency and simplicity in sample preparation processes. The Kalstein microwave laboratory digester makes all of this and more possible by offering innovative features that address all of the laboratoryโ€™s needs. Before understanding its importance, it is key to know how it works.

A microwave digester, in general terms, uses microwave technology to accelerate the decomposition processes of samples through heat, thus facilitating the analysis of the mineral content of samples. With this technology, laboratories can perform various types of analysis, including minerals, contaminants and organic compounds.

Kalsteinโ€™s Advanced Microwave Digester Modelsย 

Kalsteinโ€™s models are specifically designed to meet todayโ€™s laboratory requirements.

Microwave digestion system YR04959 // YR04960: The 360ยฐ continuous rotor rotates in one direction. It ensures uniform and complete digestion, also reduces the wear and tear of the motor, which greatly prolongs its service life. The 7-inch color LCD touch screen displays the temperature and pressure in real time, also the working time and trend curves. The material of sample digestion vessel is imported TFM. For outer protection vessel, PEEK and glass fiber are imported which could prevent corrosion by high temperature, high pressure and acid.

Microwave digestion system YR04957 // YR04958: Special designed sample digestion vessel. Automatic venting and self-closing structure which obtained a national patent ensures that digestion vessels can automatically release pressure and re-close instantly when a sudden overpressure situation occurs. It avoids wastage of batches of samples and solutions and also prevents damage to the vessels.

YR04953 // YR04956 microwave digestion system: YR04953 // YR04956 series is a newly designed microwave digestion system. Different from the previous model series, it has a new design and is completely upgraded with higher performance and safer protection system. The smart design and perfect performance make it well received by users all over the world.

Structural and Functional Features of Kalstein Microwave Digestion Systems

The features that make this brand stand out are manifold. Apart from the above mentioned points, its stainless steel construction makes it easy to clean and durable. Both models have a touch screen interface, which facilitates the operation and monitoring of the process.

Also notable are the real-time temperature and pressure control systems, with intelligent algorithms to ensure safety and efficient management of microwave energies. All this always with the precision and reliability that scientific work demands.

Microwave Digester Applications and Usesย 

The Kalstein microwave digester is versatile and applicable to various areas. In the food industry, it is used for quantitative analysis of nutrients and trace elements in products. In the agricultural sector, it is used to decompose soil and plant samples for nutrient analysis.

Of course, it is very useful in the pharmaceutical field for the decomposition of drugs and medicines for studies of components and impurity levels. There is hardly a branch of health and science that does not benefit from the use of these digesters.

In summary, the use of the Kalstein microwave laboratory digester is essential for those laboratories that seek to optimize their work times, provide accurate results and ensure the integrity and safety in the handling of the elements to be analyzed. The investment in this sophisticated and efficient equipment is undoubtedly a step forward in the field of research and sample analysis. As Kalstein is a manufacturer, we offer competitive prices and after-sales technical advice.