Kalstein Laboratory Colorimeter: An Essential Scientific Instrument

For a laboratory scientist, the colorimeter is a fundamental piece of measuring equipment that allows the concentration of a solute in a solution to be determined through color. The Kalstein brand, recognized for its dedication to the production of high quality laboratory and medical equipment, offers a variety of colorimeters to suit different needs and applications.

Kalstein colorimeters stand out for their accuracy, ease of use and the wide range of models available. Thanks to these qualities, these devices become a valuable investment for any laboratory that needs to measure the concentration of solutes in solutions in a simple, fast and reliable way.

Features of Kalstein Colorimeters

Kalstein colorimeters have some noteworthy features. First of all, these units are equipped with a high-precision sensor that ensures accurate measurement. In addition, Kalstein colorimeters are designed for simple and efficient operation, including a user-friendly interface and a robust structure to ensure strength and durability.

In addition, Kalstein colorimeters come in a wide range of models to suit all needs. From compact models perfect for small spaces to larger, more comprehensive units that account for multiple wavelengths and a variety of measuring cells, Kalstein has the right colorimeter for every lab.

Colorimeter Usage and Applicationsย 

The primary use of a laboratory colorimeter is to measure the concentration of a solute in a solution by its color. In this context, Kalstein colorimeters are frequently used to determine the concentration of protein, bilirubin, creatinine and many other components in body fluid samples such as blood or urine.

In addition, colorimeters are used in molecular biology, chemistry and biochemistry research. They are also useful in the food and water industry to measure the concentration of certain compounds and to monitor water quality.

The Different Colorimeter Modelsย 

There are multiple models of Kalstein colorimeters:

YR05514 High-Performance Portable Colorimeter: is an economical and practical model, the user-friendly interface design is easy to learn and operate. Illumination and dual cross-location functions make the measurement more accurate. The built-in white board facilitates the measurement. At the same time, the high-end CQCS color quality management software equipped with the instrument can help you easily manage your color database. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/high-cost-effective-portable-colorimeter-yr05514/

Spectrocolorimeter YR05516 โ€“ YR05517: It uses research and development of self-contained core technology of a portable light color difference instrument, is the high-level spectral architecture color difference instrument, in addition to ensure accurate relative ฮ” E at the same time, also to ensure the accuracy of the absolute value of L, A and B for a long time, anytime and anywhere can pass international standards and national standards of measurement. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/spectrocolorimeter-yr05516-yr05517/

YR05506 // YR05508 precision colorimeter: features of precision colorimeter with 8/d structure which is very accurate. The 8mm measuring aperture makes it popular in many applications, such as fabrics, paper, plastic parts, building materials. CSCQ3 software helps to perform color difference analysis, cumulative color difference analysis, chromaticity index, color sample database management, object color simulation, etc. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/precision-colorimeter-yr05506-yr05508/

YR05512 Precision Colorimeter: focus on customer needs and develop a new series YR05509 // YR05513 with high precision and low cost and two apertures, and a tip aperture of ฮฆ4 mm, suitable for the use of most samples. With CIE LAB color space, YR05509 // YR05513 is good for checking color difference for delta E, and widely used in plastic, electronics, paint, ink, textile, garment, printing and dyeing, food, medicine, cosmetics, industries, scientific research institutes, schools and laboratories. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/precision-colorimeter-yr05512/

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