Microwave Digester: how does it work?

This equipment guarantees the preparation of samples for elemental analysis in analytical chemistry, performs a procedure where electromagnetic radiation is produced at a frequency of 2450 MHz; this makes it warm, where radiation penetrates glass, ceramic and plastic materials, while metals reflect this wavelength.

In the case of samples that go along with the reagents used for mineralization, they are placed in a reaction chamber that is pressurized with inert gas, nitrogen, and to which microwave energy is applied; this unique reaction chamber improves digestion processes, allows the complete digestion of samples of any nature, even the most complex as refractory inorganic materials.

How the microwave digester works

The main function of this device is to dissolve solid matrices in an aqueous liquid, then it works by placing a sample in the concentrated acid in a closed container and exposing it to microwave irradiation. Both the thermal decomposition rate of the sample and the solubility of metals increase, once these metals are in solution, they can be quantified by spectroscopic techniques.ย 

The advantage of the operation of this equipment is that the samples can be subjected to pressures and temperatures higher than traditional closed vessel systems, reducing the residual carbon content, the samples are heated in transparent and closed vessels next to the acids needed for the test. The usual temperature for this process varies between 220-240ยบC depending on the sample required to be subjected to heat.

Advantages of using a microwave digester

  • Precisely control parameters such as pressure or temperature, keeping all samples under the same conditions.ย 
  • Digest the sample at very reduced times, as the heating rate inside the oven is very high.ย 
  • The result after digestion is an aqueous acid solution of the sample, suitable for further analysis by spectroscopic techniques.
  • More precisely control parameters of the digestion time process, which are reduced by microwave as it is heated and cooled at high speeds.ย 

Microwave digestion laboratory analysis equipment

Due to their advantages regarding the mineralization of solid samples are widely used in industries such as agriculture, environment, plastic, petrochemical, geochemical, metals and ceramics, in this same way they are used in different medical, scientific and research laboratories; where an elementary level property analysis with a spectrometer is required.

The function of this equipment to process multiple samples of varied nature simultaneously and in less time, with different acid mixtures in the same cycle, is thanks to its equipment, they have a unique reaction chamber, which allows precisely to have a control of the conditions of digestion and samples in the same space; controls the amount of samples and acid required, in a shorter time, saving resources for the laboratory.

Microwave digests brand KALSTEINย 

For a device like this to work properly, it must meet the requirements set by world standards, we Kalstein, as manufacturers of laboratory equipment equipment, offer you the following microwave digesters HERE which have the following features:ย 

  • Special design sample digestion vessel: The automatic ventilation and self-closing structure ensures that the digestion vessels can automatically release the pressure and instantly reclose when a sudden overpressure situation occurs.ย 
  • Non-contact temperature and pressure monitoring system: The advanced contactless IR sensor could measure the real-time temperature of the sample solutions in each digestion vessel. Meanwhile, the contactless pressure sensor could monitor the real-time pressure of each vessel.ย 
  • Large storage capacity: You can edit and store 255 types of programs according to user requirements and each method program can set parameters: temperature, pressure, time, microwave power.
  • Security protection system: With high strength double locking security door, real-time temperature and pressure monitoring.
  • Power adjustment: The pulse-free or variable frequency resonance continuous rotation mode ensures uniform, high-efficiency microwave performance.

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