What is a microwave digester used for?

The applications of this equipment are wide in different areas, generally used to mineralize solid samples from which information is obtained at elemental level through spectroscopic technique, so it is necessary that the sample is in liquid state, this apparatus is present in laboratories dedicated to the Environment, agriculture, food, plastics, petrochemical industry, geochemical industry, metals, ceramics.

Due to its function and the analyzes it provides, it is used in many areas, where it is specifically used according to the requirements of the samples, to determine the nitrogen/protein in: textile products, fertilizers, grains, vegetables, beers, meats, water, oil, geological, metallurgical, coal, biological medicine, petroleum chemical industry, environmental monitoring, wastewater treatment, battery manufacturing, cosmetics, etc. 

To use a Microwave Digester

  • They are used for nitrogen/protein determination.
  • Pre-treatment of samples (hydrolysis) for fat extraction.
  • Soil digestion for metal analysis.
  • It allows the decomposition of the matrix and facilitates the release of the sample components to be analyzed.
  • Significant reduction in the time needed to carry out a reaction.
  • Removal of contaminants.

Types of microwave digesters brand KALSTEIN

  1. Microwave digestion system YR04959 // YR04960: 

  • The 360° continuous rotor rotates in the same direction. It ensures uniform and complete digestion, also reduces engine wear, which greatly prolongs its life.
  • The 7-inch color LCD touch screen displays real-time temperature and pressure, as well as working time and trend curves.
  • The material in the sample digestion vessel is imported TFM. For the outer protective container, PEEK and fiberglass are imported which could prevent corrosion by high temperature, high pressure and acid.
  1. Microwave digestion system YR04953 // YR04956: 

  • It’s a new microwave digestion system designed. Unlike the previous series of models, it has a new design and is completely updated with higher performance and a safer protection system.
  • Smart design and perfect performance make it very well received by users around the world.
  1. Microwave digestion system YR04957 // YR04958: 

  • The advanced contactless IR sensor could measure the real-time temperature of the sample solutions in each digestion vessel. Meanwhile, the contactless pressure sensor could monitor the real-time pressure of each vessel. 
  • This makes the isolation between the temperature and pressure control system, also prevents cross contamination of the sample. Each real-time temperature and pressure value is displayed throughout the digestion process, allowing for clear verification of digestion conditions.

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