If you are a professional in veterinary care, you will understand that precision and efficiency are your best allies. This is where Kalstein’s veterinary infusion pump comes in, a high-tech device designed to deliver these two features effortlessly. It is equipment specifically designed to administer the exact dose of medication at the required time, minimizing the risk of overdose and ensuring the maximum effectiveness of treatment.

The future of veterinary medicine is here, thanks to the merger of high technology and precision in a way never seen before. The machine has been designed to provide the exact dose of medication at the right time, thus reducing the risk of overdose and guaranteeing maximum efficiency in treatment.

Finely Adjusted and Accurate for Superior Treatment

The adjustments of the Kalstein infusion pump allow for individual adaptation to the needs of each patient. You can precisely adjust the infusion speed, from 1 ml/h to 2000 ml/h, providing complete control over the amount of medication administered.

Also, not only can you control the infusion speed, but with the built-in purge mode, you can clean the infusion line as easily as you adjust the dosage. These two combined features provide total control over the process, ensuring the appropriate solution is administered at the right speed.

Versatility for All Needs

Kalstein’s veterinary infusion pump is not limited to medication administration. Other uses include enteral feeding, rehydration and blood transfusions, making it exceptionally versatile for any procedure requiring controlled flow.

Plus, the pump can operate with a wide variety of infusion tubes, making it even more versatile. No matter what your needs are, the Kalstein infusion pump is designed to meet them.

Safety in the Forefront

The wellbeing of patients is always our primary concern. With Kalstein’s infusion pump integrated alarm system, you can be assured you are providing the highest level of care. Visual and audible alarms alert you to potential problems, such as low pressure or tube blockage.

This comprehensive safety does not come at the expense of its ease of use, the infusion pump interface is simple and intuitive, allowing easy access to all functions and settings. This ensures that the pump is not only safe but also easy to use.

A Commitment to Quality

Kalstein prides itself on its commitment to quality and the veterinary infusion pump is no exception. Built to the highest standards, this device is durable, reliable, and easy to use. This exceptional quality is enhanced by its excellent customer service, which is available to help with any question or issue you may have.

We understand that choosing the right veterinary equipment can be a challenge, yet with Kalstein’s veterinary infusion pump, you can be sure you’ve made the smart choice. Precision, efficacy, and safety in animal care has never been so attainable.

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