The horizons of veterinary medicine have undergone a prominently sustained transformation with the constant incursion of advanced technologies and equipment. One of such devices that has revolutionized the administration of drugs and fluids in animals is Kalstein’s Veterinary Infusion Pump.

Functional and precise, this pump has contributed to improving the quality of life of many animal patients, allowing veterinarians to provide more effective treatments and therapies.

Kalstein’s Veterinary Infusion Pump is a standalone device, specifically designed to provide a controlled and accurate flow of fluids. Fast and easy to use, it is essential in any procedure requiring intravenous infusion, from the administration of analgesics to simplifying enteral feeding in critical cases.

Precision Engineering – How Does It Work?

Kalstein’s Veterinary Infusion Pump operates with a linear peristaltic mechanism, which ensures a steady and consistent flow of fluids through the tubing. The syringe infuser is in charge of ensuring that the administered fluids are released at a precise, exact speed, something vital when it comes to medical treatments in the veterinary sector.

The various flow criteria and pre-set options allow meticulous adjustment and control of the administered volumes. This results in effective medication management and a substantial reduction in the risk of accidental overdose.

Versatility in Action – Infusion Rate and Volume

One of the greatest strengths of this infusion pump is its flexibility. Regardless of the animal’s size or species, Kalstein’s Veterinary Infusion Pump can adapt to specific needs. From an adjustable infusion volume of 0.1 ml/h to 2000 ml/h to the possibility of setting up custom alerts that activate when the device has reached the preset volume.

In addition, in case of any problem, the pump has automatic safety systems, including air bubble detection and high-pressure alert.

Veterinary Infusion Pump – Contribution to Assertive Therapies

Kalstein’s Veterinary Infusion Pump goes beyond simple infusions. This high-performance device is not only effective in drug administration but its versatile design has allowed its use in innovative therapies such as chemotherapy infusion and rehydration therapy.

With the ability to administer fluids at different speeds, it also ensures proper administration of medications and nutrients in veterinary patients requiring a higher regulation of their treatment.

Our Commitment – Improving the Animal World with Technology

At Kalstein, we are committed to providing innovative solutions to the veterinary community. Our mission is to blend science and technology to enhance animal health and wellbeing. Through advanced medicine and veterinary care, we promote the importance of quality medical care for all animals.

Kalstein’s Veterinary Infusion Pump is a reflection of this commitment. This powerful tool, backed by our devotion to service and innovation, has revolutionized both veterinary medicine and the lives of our best friends: the animals. For us, this makes all the effort worth it.

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