Discovering the New Age of Veterinary Surgery Tables

Welcome to the revolution in the animal healthcare sector. The digital era has strongly impacted veterinary medicine, and along with it, veterinary surgery tables have undergone a radical evolution. Today, from the manufacturer Kalstein, specialising in laboratory equipment, we offer you this detailed journey through the novel world of next-generation veterinary surgery tables.

Innovation in Table Height

Veterinary tables have moved away from their immutable aspect in terms of height. New models allow easy adjustment according to needs, thanks to a hydraulic or electric system. This adjustment facilitates both the specialist’s work in terms of ergonomics and relieves stress for the animal during the procedure.

Furthermore, technological advances have allowed manufacturers like Kalstein to design tables with a precise and stepless control of the lifting system, thereby improving the comfort of the veterinarian during the intervention.

Unprecedented Quality and Durability

Designed with the most resistant and durable materials, veterinary surgery tables reflect Kalstein’s commitment to outstanding quality. Made of stainless steel, they resist corrosion and facilitate their cleaning and disinfection.

Additionally, rounded edges mitigate accident risks and increase patient and staff safety. With an excellent quality – price ratio, these models position themselves as the best options for purchasing laboratory equipment.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Thanks to the flexibility of their design, veterinary tables can now adapt to a broad range of procedures, including the most complex. Furthermore, these flexible tables can be configured and adjusted to the specialties and needs of the clinic, an aspect that Kalstein has refined over the years.

Thus, the sale of this equipment for laboratories results in a strategic investment for veterinary clinics and hospitals, ensuring greater efficiency and functionality in their procedures.

Accessible Features and Modern Technology

The new era of veterinary surgery tables not only provides advantages in terms of functionality and safety, but also benefits from the latest technology. Models equipped with LED lighting, drainage needles, and heated surfaces provide an optimal work environment.

The price of these advanced pieces of equipment represents a long-term profitable investment for veterinary clinics, as it boosts operational efficiency and patient wellbeing. To learn about the high-end product catalog we have at KALSTEIN, visit us at

The Value of a Reliable Supplier

A determining factor in acquiring a veterinary surgery table is the choice of supplier. By choosing a recognized manufacturer like Kalstein, a safe purchase is guaranteed backed by years of industry experience.

The sale of these tables implies a considerable investment due to their innovative features. However, purchasing from a reliable company ensures optimum after-sales service and guarantees the longevity of the equipment.

The new age of veterinary surgery tables has brought the future to the present in veterinary medicine. The technology, design, and comfort of these devices are transforming not only how surgeries are performed but also how animal health and wellbeing are managed.