The Future is already here: Automated and Semi-automated Laboratory Analyzers

We are living in an age where digitization and automation are essential in virtually all areas of our life. Science is no exception and, in particular, the area of clinical biology has experienced significant advances thanks to the implementation of automated and semi-automated analyzers. These include in particular the Automated Coagulation Analyzer YR05118 and the Semi-automated Coagulation Analyzer YR05117 among others from Kalstein, a globally recognized manufacturer.

The advantage of automation in these devices is evident: greater precision, higher speed, and, above all, the possibility to carry out a greater number of analyses without the need to increase staff in the laboratory. This translates into significant savings in terms of time and cost, which is especially important in times of high demand.

Automated Coagulation Analyzer YR05118: The Precursor of Innovation

The Automated Coagulation Analyzer YR05118 from Kalstein is an undeniable example of the future of laboratory science. This laboratory equipment not only reduces the time needed to perform coagulation tests, but also ensures accurate and repeatable results thanks to the automated process.

Moreover, the price of this equipment, although it may seem high at first sight, is completely justifiable when considering the advantages it offers in terms of efficiency and quality. Thus, purchasing this analyzer is a safe investment for any laboratory looking to be at the cutting edge of the technique.

Semi-automated Coagulation Analyzer YR05117: An Economic Alternative

The Semi-automated Coagulation Analyzer YR05117, also from Kalstein, represents a more economical alternative to the fully automated model. This device allows semi-automated coagulation testing, which still offers considerable time savings compared to traditional methods. The sale of this equipment has skyrocketed in recent years thanks to its excellent quality/price ratio.

In the field of chemical analysis, Kalstein’s semi-automatic models YR05116 and YR05115 stand out. These devices allow a wide range of quick and accurate chemical analyses. Purchasing these devices is a safe investment for any laboratory seeking to optimize its processes and ensure high-quality results.

The Kalstein Advantage

Kalstein is establishing itself as a leading manufacturer in the laboratory equipment market thanks to the innovation and quality it offers in its products. Purchasing any of their analysis equipment ensures quick and accurate analysis, which, ultimately, contributes to improving the results and efficiency of any laboratory.

In conclusion, Kalstein’s automatic and semi-automatic analyzers represent a step forward in laboratory science, providing a faster, more accurate, and cost-effective alternative to traditional methods. If you want to know the catalog of high-end products that we have for you at KALSTEIN visit us at