The Relevance of Refrigerators and Freezers for Keeping your Samples Safe

The safe and effective storage of temperature-sensitive biological samples is crucial for the integrity of lab tests. As a leading lab equipment manufacturer, Kalstein understands the importance of this challenge and offers cutting-edge solutions through its range of refrigerators and freezers.

– Kalstein’s lab refrigerators and freezers are designed to maintain constant temperatures.

– They operate with high energy efficiency and comply with strict safety standards.

– They increase the reliability of results by preventing sample degradation.

With undercounter or freestanding mounting options, Kalstein offers flexible solutions for any lab size and accompanies them with excellent aftersales service.

Why Strengthen Safety Measures?

A failure in biological sample storage can have serious consequences. When buying lab equipment, customers need to consider risk factors and seek reputable and trusted manufacturers.

– Temperature fluctuations can degrade samples.

– The loss or deterioration of samples can delay tests and analysis.

– The best way to avoid this is by investing in reliable and high-quality equipment.

The price of Kalstein’s lab refrigerators and freezers is justified by their robustness and longevity, as well as their safety advantages.

Performance Evaluation: Refrigerators versus Freezers

The choice between refrigerators and freezers depends on the type of samples and storage requirements. Understanding their differences and advantages will allow an informed decision on what equipment to buy.

– Refrigerators are ideal for storing samples at temperatures up to 4ยฐC.

– Freezers are recommended for samples that require extremely cold conditions, from -20ยฐC to -80ยฐC.

Competitive Advantages of Kalstein

The market offers a variety of manufacturers and prices for lab refrigerators and freezers. The sale of these devices has become competitive, but Kalstein’s advantages stand out:

– Reliability: Kalstein’s equipment undergoes strict quality checks, ensuring reliable performance.

– Variety: Kalstein offers a range of models that fit each lab’s needs.

– Aftersales Service: Kalstein is committed to customer satisfaction, providing reliable support and maintenance.

In summary, the purchase of Kalstein’s lab refrigerators and freezers is a secure and profitable investment for your lab. Keep your biological samples safe and protected with Kalstein’s reliability and efficiency. If you want to know the high-end product catalog that we at KALSTEIN have for you, visit us at