Technical Features and Differentiators of the Kalstein YR05115 Analyzer

Choosing a laboratory equipment like a chemical analyzer implies a significant commitment to precision, efficiency, and durability. In this context, the Kalstein brand stands out as an superior manufacturer, with its YR05115 model of Semi auto chemical analyzer. This equipment boasts a 7-inch color LCD screen with touchscreen for an easy user interface. It offers 10 incubators and three timers, which favor laboratory efficiency and performance.

In terms of accuracy, the Kalstein analyzer offers an absorbance range of 0 ~ 4.500 Abs, outside of 0.0001 Abs and within 0.00001 Abs. Additionally, it provides quality control with a CV of less than 1%, ensuring highly reliable results.

Flexibility and functionality of the Kalstein Chemical Analyzerย 

With the Kalstein chemical analyzer, youโ€™ll get equipment tailored to your specific needs. It offers two testing modalities: fluocell or cuvette, thus expanding usage possibilities. Similarly, it incorporates methods for kinetic tests, end point, two points, and absorbance.

To the above, it adds a 6V 10W Philips halogen lamp with a long lifespan, and a built-in thermal printer. Thus, the Kalstein chemical analyzer incorporates high technology and practicality to offer you a superior user experience.

Profitability and Durability: Advantages of Purchasing a Kalsteinย 

The price of a chemical analyzer can be a factor to consider when purchasing. However, you must also consider that long-lasting, low-maintenance equipment like Kalsteinโ€™s implies a smart long-term investment.

Furthermore, the sale of Kalstein lab equipment backs up its philosophy of manufacturing durable and high-performance devices. This is reflected in the capacity of its analyzer to store more than 10,000 data, thus supporting the continuous management of the laboratory information.

Technical Specificationsย 

ESPECIFICACIONES/MARCA KALSTEIN (YR05115) Semi auto chemistry analyzerย 
Display 7 inch Color LCD , Touch screen
10 incubators and three timers
Test mode flowcell or cuvette
Test method Kinetic, End point, Two point, Absorbance
Wavelength 7 standard filters, 340, 405, 492, 510, 546, 578, 630 nm, 1 free position
Wavelength precision ยฑ2 nm, width โ‰ค 10nm
Absorbance range 0~4.500 Abs
Absorbance precision outside 0.0001 Abs , inside 0.00001 Abs
carry over < 1%
CV < 1%
Sample volume 0~3000 uL (โ‰ฅ500uL recommend)
Data Storage โ‰ฅ10000
Flow cell 32 uL quartz glass, 10 mm
Lamp Philips 6V 10W Halogen Lamp with long life
Printer Built-in thermal printer
Dimension 340(L)*270(W)*160(H)
Weight 5 kg


The Smarter Choice for your Laboratoryย 

Having said all the above, it can be concluded that the Kalstein chemical analyzer (YR05115) is a cost-effective and efficient option for any laboratory requiring high-precision, durable, and easy-to-handle equipment. The excellent value for money, the backing of a manufacturer with vast experience, and the versatility offered by this equipment, make the Kalstein analyzer a sure bet to boost your labโ€™s productivity.

But always remember to consider your own needs before making your purchase. And in this regard, the Kalstein chemical analyzer offers customized solutions to improve your laboratory processes.