Ultrasonic Laboratory Homogenizer – A detailed review of Kalstein models

Advances in medical and scientific laboratory technology have undoubtedly been remarkable in recent decades. Among these, one piece of equipment that has proven its undeniable efficiency and versatility is the Ultrasonic Homogenizer. In this article, we will focus specifically on the models in Kalstein’s YR05015 to YR05020 range, which offer considerable diversity to meet the different requirements of our laboratories.

Key features of Kalstein’s Ultrasonic Homogenizers

At the forefront of medical and scientific laboratories are Kalstein’s innovative Ultrasonic Homogenizers. These units come in a variety of models, such as the YR05015, YR05016, YR05017, YR05018, YR05019 and the YR05020, all designed to address the growing demand for an efficient and robust solution for sample mixing.

The power of these models varies significantly, from continuous 1.5-150W in the YR05015 model to 50-1800W in YR05020. These homogenizers have an impressive range of mixing capacity, ranging from 0.1-150 ml in the YR05015 model to 1-1200 ml in the YR05020 model, allowing them to suit a wide range of laboratory applications. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/ultrasonic-homogenizer-yr05015-yr05020/

Highly customizable with a variety of optional probes

Kalstein ultrasonic homogenizers incorporate a range of probes that are interchangeable to suit different laboratory needs. Models vary in the variety of probe sizes they accept, from Ø 2/3/8 mm on model YR05015 to Ø 3/6/10/15/20/25/25/28 mm on model YR05020.

In addition, each homogenizer has a standard probe included, varying from Ø 6 (mm) in the entry-level models to Ø 22 (mm) in the higher models. The availability of different probe sizes allows flexibility and the ability to adapt to a diversity of uses and sample volumes.

Wide time range and frequency control options

Need a specific ultrasonic setting time? Kalstein models can be set between 0.1-99.9s, with a unique downtime in that range as well. In addition, these models offer a wide total time setting range, from 1 to nearly 100 hours, carefully designed to accommodate the most demanding laboratory procedures.

Kalstein ultrasonic homogenizers operate over a frequency range of 20-25KHz, with some models operating between 19.5 and 20.5KHz. This range ensures mixing efficiency and effectiveness, covering a wide variety of scientific applications.

Customizable temperature control and built-in safety

Each Kalstein model comes with a temperature control range of 0-100 degrees Celsius, which can be customized to suit your wet-lab process. These models also incorporate alarm functions to warn you of overloads and overheating, as well as alarms for when the preset time is reached and if the equipment is running without a load.

In summary, Kalstein’s ultrasonic homogenizer models are designed primarily for efficiency, adaptability and safety. Their wide range of technical specifications and functional features allows them to offer excellent performance for any laboratory need.