Laboratory Freezer Kalstein YR05109: The Ideal Choice for Storing and Protecting Biological Samples

Advancements in laboratory technology have significantly improved storage and protection of biological samples. The Kalstein Laboratory Freezer, model YR05109, combines all the high-end features to provide a safe and efficient space for preserving your samples. This reliable laboratory freezer integrates aesthetic design with cutting-edge technology, thus providing greater benefits to its users.

Cooling and Defrosting System

The Kalstein YR05109 laboratory freezer offers high-quality cooling system through two SECOP compressors, designed to maintain a uniform internal temperature ranging from -40°C to -86°C. This temperature range is extremely beneficial for rapid freezing of biological samples and their long-term storage.

This model provides a manual defrosting system, a feature that allows the user to have total control over the duration and timing of the defrosting process. This approach ensures that the samples are kept at the proper temperature, minimizing any potential risk of sample deterioration.

Energy Efficiency and Noise Reduction

The YR05109 has an impressive energy consumption of only 16.5 kWh in a 24-hour period. This low energy consumption is indicative of its efficiency and reliability, an essential feature in a laboratory environment.

Additionally, this model has a noise level of 53 dB, a relatively low level considering the cooling capacity of this machine. This is an important feature as it reduces noise pollution in the laboratory environment, improving the work environment and personnel efficiency.

Control and Monitoring

The YR05109 laboratory freezer employs a positive temperature coefficient (PTC) temperature sensor for accurate and constant temperature measurement. It utilizes a microprocessor temperature controller that, along with its digital monitor, allows users to accurately monitor and adjust the storage conditions of biological samples.

This system ensures that the environment is always optimal for the stored samples, ranging from tissues and cells to microorganisms and chemical compounds, thus ensuring the integrity and reliability of experimental results.

Material and Dimensions

The model uses stainless steel on the interior, known for its robustness and resistance to corrosion, and color-sprayed steel on the exterior, enhancing the durability and resistance of the freezer to external damages.

The YR05109 has an impressive storage capacity of 588 L, equivalent to 20.76 cubic feet. This size is ideal for laboratories that need to store a large number of samples. Despite its size, the freezer has a net weight of 290 kg, making it easy to move within the laboratory.

In conclusion, the Kalstein YR05109 laboratory freezer offers advanced features and significant storage capacity to meet the needs of any laboratory. Its durable design and impressive energy efficiency guarantee both the protection of biological samples and environmental sustainability.