Exploring Drug Stability Test Chamber Technical Specifications & Descriptions

Within the biomedical field, laboratory equipment plays a vital role in drug analysis, development and testing. In this article, we will delve into the analysis of two particular models of drug stability test chambers from Kalstein; YR05350 and YR05352.

Kalstein is a globally recognized brand in the field of laboratory equipment. With its Alligent-KG line, it provides high-performance devices perfectly designed to perform drug stability testing.

Drug Stability Testing Agreement Features

The Alligent-KG models, YR05350 and YR05352, feature a forced convection mode. This feature ensures an even temperature distribution in the chamber, which means that all drug samples are subjected to the same test conditions. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/drug-stability-test-chamber-yr05350-yr05352/

Each model is equipped with a thirty-stage microprocessor PID controller, one of the most advanced technologies available for temperature process control. This configuration optimizes temperature control in the chamber, allowing precise and efficient tuning to ensure reliability and consistency of the tests performed.

Temperature Performance of YR05350 and YR05352 Models

Both the YR05350 and YR05352 have an operating temperature range of 0 to 60 ยฐC with 0.1 ยฐC accuracy. They also feature temperature fluctuation of ยฑ0.5โ„ƒ, and temperature uniformity of ยฑ1โ„ƒ and ยฑ1.5โ„ƒ respectively, when operating over temperature ranges from 10 to 40โ„ƒ. These features guarantee extremely precise control of test conditions, ensuring that drugs are subjected to constant and reproducible conditions, key to obtaining reliable and accurate test results.

Alligent-KGโ€™s YR05350 and YR05352 are exceptional choices for any laboratory conducting drug stability testing. With their precise temperature control, forced convection mode and thirty-stage microprocessor PID controller, they offer a winning combination of performance, reliability and ease of use. And, backed by Kalsteinโ€™s reputation, this equipment represents a smart, future-proof investment in any laboratoryโ€™s future.