Why should you use industrial washers from our prestigious Kalstein brand in your laboratory?

The reputation of the French brand Kalstein in manufacturing optimal laboratory and medical solutions over several decades is unquestionable. With a relentless focus on quality and innovation, Kalstein industrial washers are more than just devices; they are true working companions designed to make your laboratory operation safer, more efficient and more productive.

Applications of industrial washersย 

Kalstein industrial washers are essential tools in laboratories, clinics, hospitals, pharmaceutical industries and anywhere that requires thorough cleaning of your instruments. This equipment is essential to prevent contamination and the spread of unwanted substances.

In the case of laboratories, where a number of experiments and tests are performed daily, these kits ensure that every tool is sparkling clean and sterilized. Similarly, in hospitals and clinics, they are indispensable for ensuring patient safety by maintaining a totally germ-free environment.

Featured models of Kalstein industrial dishwashers

There are several models of Kalstein industrial washers to suit the specific needs of each laboratory or medical space:

YR05910 // YR05912-1 Rigid Mount Industrial Washer: Fully automatic, microcomputer-controller, freely programmable, 30 possible programs, operator could set flexible. High quality stainless steel, good appearance, long service life. Full suspension damping structure, low shaking, low noise, combination of shock absorbers and springs for maximum absorption, no need excessive foundation. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/industrial-hard-mount-washing-machine-yr05910-yr05912-1/

Commercial Washing Machine Washer-Extractor YR05907-1 // YR05909: Electric or steam heating. The panel and drum adopt high quality stainless steel, acid and alkali resistance, anti-corrosion, good appearance, long service life. With mechanical suspension shock structure, low noise, free standing. Imported seal adopted, sealing is good, no leakage. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/commercial-laundry-washing-machine-washer-extractor-yr05907-1-yr05909/

Why choose Kalstein industrial washing machines?

The durability, quality and efficiency of Kalstein industrial washing machines are only part of the powerful package offered by the brand. What sets Kalstein apart is their commitment to constant improvement and customer service. As a manufacturer, they are willing to listen to their customers and ensure that their products meet the ever-evolving demands of the laboratory and medical world.

Considering the quality and uses of Kalsteinโ€™s industrial washers, the conclusion is obvious. By making a purchase of this equipment, you are investing in the efficiency, safety and productivity of your laboratory or medical space. Moreover, with the affordability of the prices of these washers, this investment will not only be good for the job, but also for the pocketbook. So when it comes to selecting industrial washers, trust Kalstein, the expertsโ€™ choice for laboratory and medical equipment.