The Indispensable Role of Kalstein Incubators in Laboratories

Kalstein incubators are designed to meet the growing demands of scientific and medical laboratories. Renowned for their superior functionality, these incubators incorporate state-of-the-art technology to provide optimal conditions for scientific and medical research.

It stands out for its wide adjustable temperature range, which allows for the cultivation and study of various microbial strains and cell cultures. Apart from this, its features include improved temperature uniformity, CO2 control, alarm system to maintain safety, and ample internal space. All this is housed in a robust and durable design that can withstand the demands of a laboratory environment.

Scientific Incubator Applicationsย 

Kalstein incubators are routinely used for a variety of scientific applications. One of these is the incubation of bacteriological samples. In a laboratory environment, bacteria require specific, controlled conditions to grow, and these incubators provide just that. Other uses include the study of cell metabolism, genetic research and tissue culture.

In fact, these incubators play a key role in cancer research. By culturing cancer cells, researchers can study the genetic mutations that lead to cancer, allowing for the development of more effective treatments and drugs.

Different Types of Incubators

Kalstein offers several types of incubators to meet the diverse needs of laboratories.

Shaking Incubator (Vertical Type) YR05760 โ€“ YR05760-1: Can provide constant temperature auxiliary heating for medical and health institutions, medical colleges and universities, industrial and mining enterprises and scientific research institutions; provides IQ, OQ, PQ. EU CE safety certification.

YR02040 // YR02043 Bacteria Incubator: For environmental protection, medical, drug testing, health and epidemic prevention, animal husbandry, aquaculture and other scientific research and other production department. A special constant temperature equipment for the analysis of water BOD determination, bacteria, biochemistry, microbiological culture protection, plant cultivation, breeding.

Water Bath Incubators YR05901 // YR05905: The water bath incubator is a PID controlled multifunction thermostat water tank. It is an indispensable tool in pharmaceutical, biochemical, scientific research, environmental protection, etc fields.

Heated Lid Dry Bath Incubator YR05889 โ€“ YR05890: are microcomputer controlled heated lid dry bath incubator, excellent temperature control due to advanced semiconductor technology (Peltier-Based), which can work as a thermal cycler. DH-100 can heat, DC-100 can heat and cool, can be used for sample preservation and reaction, DNA amplification and protein denaturation treatment, and etc.

COโ‚‚ Incubator YR02048 โ€“ YR02049: It is an advanced instrument applied to bacterial cells, tissues and cultures. It is the key equipment to realize essential immunology, oncology, genetics and bioengineering. Widely used in microorganism, agricultural science, research and drug production.