Kalstein Laboratory Gel Documentation Systems: Technical Specifications and Features

Laboratory and medical technology has advanced significantly over the years. One of the most crucial areas in the biological and medical sciences is gel documentation in laboratories. Gel documentation systems are indispensable tools, which facilitate a clear overview and detailed analysis of samples such as DNA and proteins, mainly handled in genomics and proteomics.

Kalstein is renowned for its high-tech laboratory equipment and the contribution to this discipline is no exception. Therefore, it is relevant to know in depth the technical specifications and features of the latest models of gel documentation systems of this prestigious brand.

General Characteristics of YR06063 and YR06064 Models

The Kalstein YR06063 and YR06064 series are gel documentation systems equipped with a monochrome scientific digital camera. This advanced camera technology enables the capture of accurate and detailed images, with a resolution of 5 megapixels (2592*1944) for the YR06063 model, and 20 megapixels (4800*4440) for the YR06064 model. Millimeters of detail are all that is needed for proper documentation.

These systems work with a 16-bit density, which is equivalent to 65536 grayscales and a color spectrum for high-resolution image capture. A distinctive aspect of these models is their motorized lens, which does not require manual focusing, offering greater convenience and efficiency to the user.

Sensitivity and Transmission in YR06063/ YR06064 Models

Both models stand out for their high sensitivity, capable of detecting even the lowest concentrations of EtBr-stained DNA samples. In fact, the sensitivity of the YR06063 is ≤10pg, while the YR06064 is capable of detecting ≤5pg, making these models powerful tools for genetic research.

In addition, these models possess special features of UV transmission with a wavelength of 302nm and an area of 21x26cm, and white LED light transmission through a real LED transmission plate with an area of 19x26cm. This allows for a clear and enriched visualization of the samples. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/gel-documentation-system-yr06063-yr06064/

YR06065/ YR06066 Imaging Systems Specifications

The YR06065/YR06066 range includes cooled CCD cameras with a physical resolution of 6 Megapixels (2750*2200). These systems exhibit a dynamic range of ≥4.6OD, providing a clear and stable display during operation.

A crucial feature of these devices is their efficient cooling system, which can reach up to -60℃ under ambient temperature and can be regulated to -30℃. The scientific lenses of these models vary slightly: the YR06065 has a sensitive F0.95 lens, while the YR06066 comes with an ultra-sensitive F0.8 lens. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/chemiluminescence-imager-mini-yr06065-yr06066/

YR06067/ YR06068 Multifunction Imager Features

These technologically advanced models share similar specifications to the YR06065/YR06066 models in terms of pixel density and resolution, dynamic range, and cooling system features. However, they feature a 4-layer chemiluminescence sample tray.

In addition, the YR06067/YR06068 models have a UV protection shield for added safety during operation. In terms of UV transmission, these models have a range of 302nm-312nm and an area of 21x26cm, as well as an LED white light transmission surface of 19x26cm. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/multifunctional-imager-yr06067-yr06068/