Innovative Laboratory Equipment: The Specifications and Features of Kalstein Microplate Washers

Laboratory technology is constantly evolving, and Kalsteinโ€™s Laboratory Microplate Washer models are state-of-the-art products that provide the perfect blend of precision, efficiency and convenience.

Within the framework of scientific and technological advancement are laboratory and medical equipment that provide precision and efficiency when performing various research and analytical processes. Kalstein microplate washers stand out for their functionality and adaptability to various laboratory situations. The models YR05124, YR05125 and YR05126 are a clear example.

Technical specifications of models YR05124 and YR05125

The YR05124 and YR05125 microplate washers stand out for their flexibility due to their adjustability in different parameters. The dispensing volume can be regulated from 0-950uL depending on the needs of the experiment. Wash cycles can range from 1-99, selectable by the user.

In addition, these models feature high customizability in the wash mode, allowing selection from one to twelve rows and ranges. For even greater adaptability, they offer an adjustable soak and vibration time from 0-999 seconds, offering great versatility. Ease of use is enhanced by a large LCD monitor, providing clear and simple visibility of operations.

Additional features of models YR05124 and YR05125

These Kalstein microplate washers feature two channels, including a dedicated water channel. The ease of operation and efficiency of these machines are enhanced by the ability to store up to 100 programs, allowing for a smooth and continuous workflow, saving time and avoiding process repetition.

Technical specifications of model YR05126

The YR05126 model shares many of the features of the YR05124 and YR05125 models but is distinguished by several additional functions. This model offers a 96-needle head washing system and provides the option of 24,48,72,96 well washing without interval, with continuous well arrangement.

In addition, this model is compatible with different types of microplates including flat, round, U and V plates. It also has a wash mode that allows working with a single (A or B) or double (A-B) plate. The wash time is also adjustable, which can vary from 1 to 999 times and the wash time from 0 to 999 seconds, each with a step of 1 second.

Advanced features of model YR05126

Advanced features of this model include a pressure setting that can vary from 0-9.9 and an adjustable centrifugal time from 0-999 seconds. A particularly notable feature is its centrifugal rate, which can reach between 1200 and 2500 rpm. Finally, this microplate washer guarantees high efficiency with a liquor residue of less than 0.1uL per well.

In conclusion, Kalstein microplate washers represent a superior choice in medical and scientific laboratories looking for high precision, remarkable flexibility and high efficiency.