Improve Your Laboratory Efficiency with Kalsteinโ€™s Commercial Scrubber-Dryers

Success in scientific research or medical care is largely determined by the quality of the equipment used. Commercial washer-extractors are essential equipment in any laboratory or medical facility because of their efficiency in cleaning, drying and sterilizing different types of material. Kalstein has specialized in providing leading solutions to these challenges with its variety of commercial washer-extractors models, designed with the latest technology and the best technical specifications.

Fully automatic, microcomputer-controller, freely programmable, 30 possible programs, operator could set flexible. High quality stainless steel, good appearance, long service life. Full suspension damping structure, low shaking, low noise, combination of shock absorbers and springs for maximum absorption, no need excessive foundation. Imported bearing, accurate and durable. Fixed screw support for long distance transportation, avoid shaking damage during transit.

High quality inverter system, easy to realize washing and extraction of frequency stepless adjustment. Multiple sealing system, oil sealing, water sealing, stainless steel sealing. Built-in bearing lubrication, simple operation, convenient maintenance. Safety door interlock system, reduce fatigue, misuse and risk.

Discover the models in the rangeย 

Models YR05907-1 to YR05909 offer capacities ranging from 10 kg to 25 kg, with various drum dimensions and volume capacities to suit all requirements. As an example, the YR05907-1 model offers a capacity of 10 kg and a drum dimension of ฮฆ670ร—475 mm with a volume of 167 liters, always operating the washer at a drum speed for wash and hi-extraction of 50/850 r/min. At the higher end of this series, the YR05909 model has a total load capacity of 25 kg with a drum dimension of ฮฆ800ร—545 mm and a total drum volume of 274 liters operating at a drum speed for wash and hi-extraction of 46/750 r/min.

On the other hand, models YR05910 to YR05912-1 offer larger capacities for laboratories and clinics requiring higher wash volumes. The YR05910 model, for example, has a capacity of 30 kg and a drum with dimensions of ฮฆ905ร—500 mm and a total volume of 321 liters, always operating at a washing and hi-extraction speed of 40/750 r/min.

Optimized efficiency and performance

Kalsteinโ€™s various models of commercial washer-extractors guarantee high performance and efficiency. Their different drum speeds for washing and hi-extraction provide great versatility and adaptability to the needs of each laboratory or medical center. All models are designed to provide consistent and efficient results, ensuring that materials are perfectly washed, dried and sterilized.

Electric or steam heating. The panel and drum adopt high quality stainless steel, acid and alkali resistance, anti-corrosion, good appearance, long service life. With mechanical suspension shock structure, low noise, free standing. Imported seal adopted, sealing is good, no leakage.

The smart choice for your laboratoryย 

Choose Kalstein commercial washer-extractors if you are looking for durability, performance and efficiency for your laboratory or medical facility. Each model is designed with the best technical specifications to provide accuracy and reliability, ensuring the best performance for your operations and boosting productivity.

Kalstein commercial washer-extractors provide the confidence and peace of mind of having superior quality equipment that meets all your needs, making them the smart choice for your lab.