A tour of Kalstein Wheelchairs models: A fusion of technology, ergonomics and style.

Sublime in its simplicity, the Kalstein YR05455 manual wheelchair combines durability, comfort and elegance. With a seat width of 42cm and a depth of 43cm, this model provides generous and balanced space for safe and comfortable support.

The chair has a seat height of 45cm, backrest of 40cm and a total height of 85cm, ensuring optimal yet comfortable posture for users. With an overall length of 106cm and an average width of 67cm, this wheelchair is balanced to ensure maneuverability without sacrificing stability. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/manual-wheelchair-yr05455/

YR05446 Power Stair Wheelchair: Movable Innovation

Forged with a sturdy yet lightweight aluminum alloy frame, the YR05446 power wheelchair redefines mobility. Powered by a powerful 18Ah lithium battery, it is capable of carrying a maximum load of 150kg.

With a net weight of 38kg, this chair presents a surprising adaptability to the terrain, accredited by its ability to climb up to 500 steps. Another of its main features is its ascent and descent system, which offers three speeds to adapt to the individual needs of each user. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/electric-climb-stairs-wheelchair-yr05446/

Sports Wheelchair YR05461: Dynamism and Performance

Designed for those whose restless spirit knows no limits, the YR05461 Sport Wheelchair is a statement of independence and ambition. Its seat width and depth of 38cm along with a height of 43cm and a backrest of 34cm, combine to offer exceptional performance and unparalleled comfort. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/sport-wheelchair-yr05461/

Kalstein medical wheelchair is our most advantageous product. We can provide wheelchairs with different functions for people with different needs, including power wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, wheelchairs for children with cerebral palsy, standing wheelchairs, stair climbing wheelchairs and other wheelchairs with different functions.

YR05457 Childrenโ€™s Wheelchair: Safety and Fun

Incorporating all the features desirable in a childrenโ€™s wheelchair, the YR05457 ensures optimal comfort with a seat width of 38cm and a depth of 39cm. The seat, with a height of 46cm, and adjustable backrest (46cm without headrest, 55-70cm with headrest) provide full and secure support.

This chairโ€™s steel frame ensures durability, while its 6-inch front wheel size and 16-inch rear wheel size provide stability and ease of maneuverability. With a net weight of 21.5kg and a load capacity of 100kg, it is perfect for growing children. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/children-wheelchair-yr05457/

In short, Kalstein wheelchairs aim to improve the lives of their users by providing mobility without compromising comfort, safety or style. Each model has been designed with the individual needs of each user in mind, making them an excellent and indispensable choice for a superior quality of life.