Redefining Veterinary Care: Kalstein’s Veterinary Infusion Pump

Both professionals in the veterinary field and pets and their owners benefit from the technological advances that set the pace in this industry. Amid this scenario, Kalstein stands with its Veterinary Infusion Pump, a tool that will redefine the administration of fluids and medications in animals.

This equipment is specially configured for veterinary use, meaning it considers the anatomical and physiological differences of animals. This results in a precise, safe and highly effective infusion technique, and less time for its administration.

Biomedical precision: Kalstein’s guarantee

Precision is crucial in the medical field, and even more so when talking about medication administration. In this sense, Kalstein’s veterinary infusion team possesses unbeatable precision, facilitated by its built-in micro dropper system, capable of regulating between 1 ml/h to 2000 ml/h.

Also, thanks to its backlit LCD monitor, medications or liquids that must be administered are easily and intuitively configured, reducing the margin of error to practically zero.

Safety and reliability: the combination offered by Kalstein’s Veterinary Infusion Pump

Kalstein’s team has an incorporated safety alarm to detect problems such as liquid blockages, air pressure, low battery, among others, providing greater patient safety and peace of mind to the professional. This makes this equipment an extremely reliable tool.

Its sturdy and robust structure allows it to withstand the demands of any veterinary clinic or laboratory, not to mention its high-resistance rechargeable batteries, which guarantee its operation even in emergency situations.

Versatility to handle various situations

Kalstein’s Veterinary Infusion Pump is valuable not only in emergency situations but also in surgical interventions, administration of medications, fluids and even in parenteral nutrition. Its configuration, which allows several infusion pathways, offers unparalleled flexibility.

In addition, being a portable device, it can be used in various situations: in clinics, home treatments, and it can even be taken on-site in case of emergencies or fieldwork.

Long-term investment for the future of the clinic

Acquiring the Kalstein Veterinary Infusion Pump is an investment that will be more than recuperated due to its performance, durability and minimal maintenance. Being high-tech equipment, it will significantly contribute to improving the efficiency of clinical procedures.

In summary, Kalstein’s Veterinary Infusion Pump is the perfect choice for any professional in the animal health field looking for the latest in technology, precision and maximum safety. With this equipment, the standard of animal care is undoubtedly raised.

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