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A pH meter is a laboratory instrument for scientific use, which measures the activity of the hydrogen ion in aqueous solutions, indicating its degree of acidity or alkalinity expressed as pH, is used in laboratories and in multiple other fields or areas; a pH measurement can be obtained using pH indicators or tapes, or meters such as pH meters, portable meters or pH electrodes.

This pH meter instrument makes a measurement of the pH by a potentiometric method, based on the fact that between two solutions with different H + a potential difference is established, which determines when the two solutions come into contact a flow of electric current occurs, in practice the pH measurement is relative, since the pH of a sample is compared with that of a known pH standard solution.

Types of Laboratory Ion Meter a Laboratory May Need


As mentioned above the measurement of the ion concentration or the measurements of specific ions through an ion meter can be performed on a wide variety of samples such as: water, food, beverages, pharmaceuticals and also samples of biological origin.

An ion meter works by selective ion electrodes (ISEs) which are measuring devices with a sensitive membrane capable of measuring ion activity. These devices measure the concentration of ion determined in a solution using a sensor electrode and a reference electrode. They work through ion exchange, where the difference in potential that is generated when the electrode comes in contact with the ion being studied is measured. The specific ion activity is transformed into electrical potential at the moment it comes into contact with the active membrane of the selective ion electrode.


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Portable Ion Meter YR01817 // YR01817-15

Setup menu allows you to configure the number of calibration points, stability criteria, temperature,Unit, date and time...


YR01816 Portable pH / Ion Meter

Multiparameter portable ion meter, 2 to 5 points calibration, selectable ion concentration units. The meter is suitable...


Our Best Selling Ion Meter

โ€ข Auto-Read function senses and locks the measurement endpoint.
โ€ข Calibration due alarm prompts user to calibrate the meter regularly.
โ€ข Auto-Power Off effectively conserves battery life.
โ€ข Setup menu allows setting the number of calibration points, stability criteria, temperature
unit, date and time, etc.
โ€ข Reset function automatically resumes all settings back to the factory defaults.
โ€ข Expanded memory stores or recalls up to 500 data sets.
โ€ข USB communication interface for data transfer or connecting a power adapter to meter.

Analysis of the best Ion Meters for your Laboratory

What is the ion meter used for?

The ion meter is a piece of equipment used to detect the concentration or activity of ions in a solution...


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Ion Meter Models Catalog on Sale


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What are the characteristics of an ion meter?

An ion meter is an electrochemical analytical device that is used to measure ion concentration in a solution. It is used...

How does a laboratory ion meter work - Kalstein?

An ion meter is an analytical and electrochemical instrument used to measure the concentration of ions in a solution...

Functions of pH Ion Meters in the Cosmetic Industry

In the manufacture of cosmetic products there are three essential aspects that must be addressed, the first, the elaboration...

Copper Ion Meters for Pool Disinfection

In recent years the use of chlorine for swimming pool disinfection has been replaced by ionization with copper or with the combination of copper and silver. This procedure is performed with copper ionizers. These devices use electrolysis to release copper...

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Ion meter in operation

An ion meter is an electrochemical analytical device that is used to measure ion concentration in a solution. It is used with several ion electrodes (ISE).

An ion is an atom or a group of atoms with electric charge. This charged particle can be positive or negative. A cation is an ion with positive charge and an anion is one with a negative charge (atom or molecule). The ions are formed when a neutral (electrically neutral) atom loses or gains electrons. The anions have more electrons than protons and cations have a higher proton number.

Measuring the concentration of ions or measurements of specific ions through an ion meter can be performed in a wide variety of samples such as water, food, beverages, pharmaceutical products and samples of biological origin.

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