Discovering Kalstein’s Range of Children’s Wheelchairs

Kalstein’s children’s wheelchairs are durable and reliable solutions that promote independence and mobility for young users. These models seek to ensure the comfort, safety and quality of life of each child, enabling their active participation in the world.

Kalstein, a well-known supplier of medical products, offers an excellent line of wheelchairs carefully designed for children. This variety of models meets different needs and expectations, always focused on child comfort and safety. The weight support of these models ranges from 75 to 100 kg, making them suitable for a wide range of children’s ages and sizes.

Technical specifications

The YR05460 model offers a seat width of 42cm, depth of 35cm, and an adjustable backrest height of 55-70cm. Its compact size of 75-95cm overall length and 46cm overall width makes this model easy to maneuver in limited spaces.

The YR05459, meanwhile, offers a slightly smaller seat width at 30cm, but with greater seat depth at 39cm. With a seat height of 46cm and an overall length of 92cm, this model is an excellent balance between comfort and mobility.

One-piece Oxford fabric backrest cushion with butterfly seat belt and double brake; ABS protection plate. Feet can be raised and removed. Easy to carry; Aluminum alloy front fork, ABS foot pedal, PU handrail, three adjustable upper and lower gears. 45ºC Cushion, 90ºBackrest, Adjustable angle.

Materials Matter and Additional Features

The YR05460 model is manufactured with a sturdy steel frame, while the YR05459 and YR05458 incorporate aluminum alloy for frame construction, making them lighter in weight without sacrificing durability. In the last model, the YR05457, steel is again used for its manufacture, guaranteeing robustness and long durability even if this means a slightly higher weight.

In addition to the technical specifications, these models come with features and extras that enhance the benefit and comfort of children. The YR05460 model comes with a dining table, providing a practical and comfortable space for the child’s daily activities. The YR05457 and YR05458 models feature a folding feature, allowing for easy storage and transport, making these models particularly versatile.

Support Capability

The Kalstein medical wheelchair is our most advantageous product. We can provide wheelchairs with different functions for people with different needs, including power wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, wheelchairs for children with cerebral palsy, standing wheelchairs, stair climbing wheelchairs and other wheelchairs with different functions.