Technology and Comfort in Mobility: Kalstein Manual Wheelchairs

Mobility is an essential part of daily life, and for those who have difficulty getting around independently, a wheelchair can be a vital tool. Manual wheelchairs are an accessible and practical solution, and Kalstein wheelchairs offer a combination of comfort, durability and advanced technology.

Each model is designed with a focus on ergonomics, ensuring a comfortable seat and stable support, regardless of the userโ€™s weight or size. Different wheel sizes offer options for maneuverability, both indoors and outdoors.

YR05455 Manual Wheelchair โ€“ Allied Performance and Comfort

The YR05455 model has a seat width of 42 cm and a depth of 43 cm, providing comfort and support. The seat height of 45 cm allows for easy access, while the chairโ€™s overall height of 85 cm ensures safe navigation.

The YR05455 chair has an overall length of 106 cm and an average width of 67 cm, making it ideal for moving indoors and outdoors. It features sturdy 24-inch (62 cm) rear wheels and smaller 5-inch (12 cm) front wheels, which provide smooth and safe mobility.

This chair is made with a steel frame and aluminum alloy wheels, offering a perfect balance of strength and light weight. With a net weight of 25.8 kg and a gross weight of 33.6 kg, this chair can support a load of up to 100 kg.

Manual Wheelchair YR05456 โ€“ Functionality in Motion

The YR05456 model is characterized by its versatility. With a seat width of 45 cm and a depth of 41 cm, it provides an ergonomic design that ensures comfort for long periods of time.

Thanks to its adjustable height from 90 to 120 cm and overall length from 92 to 165 cm, this chair can easily adapt to different users and environments. Its sturdy 24-inch rear wheels are complemented by 7-inch front wheels to provide exceptional maneuverability. With a net weight of 20 kg and a gross weight of 24 kg, the YR05456 chair can support a load of 100 kg.

YR05452 Manual Wheelchair โ€“ Lightness and Agilityย 

The YR05452 is an exceptional choice for those seeking lightness and agility. With a seat width of 42.5 cm and a depth of 39 cm, this model offers a comfortable space for users.

The YR05452 chair is more compact with an overall height of 62 cm and an overall length of 85 cm, making it easier to use in tight spaces. Its rear wheels are 18 inches and the front wheels are 6 inches, ensuring smooth and precise maneuverability.

Despite its steel frame, this chair is remarkably lightweight, with a net weight of 12 kg and a gross weight of 13.85 kg. This, together with its load capacity of 100 kg, makes it an ideal choice for those who require a chair that is easy to transport.

YR05453 Manual Wheelchair โ€“ Innovation and Durability

The YR05453 is distinguished by its sturdy Oxford woven cushion and solid tires, making it a durable and comfortable choice.ย  This model features a width of 46 mm and a seat-to-floor height of 500 mm, ensuring excellent support for users. The 24-inch alloy rear tires and 7-inch non-pneumatic front tires offer stable and smooth handling on a variety of surfaces.

In conclusion, Kalstein manual wheelchairs are a safe and reliable choice for those seeking mobility and autonomy. The diverse line of models adapts to the individual needs of each user, ensuring comfort, durability and excellent value for money.