Why is a Color Evaluation Box Important?

The importance of a color evaluation box, allows to evaluate and show the appearance of products, as well as identify notable inconsistencies between the color of a sample and the standard color, to order the human visual perception, with the numerical values of color.

Usually in production environments, the early performance of these color assessments helps minimize double work and future additional costs. At each sensory evaluation, the samples to be evaluated should be established, if necessary, prepared and presented in the same way, each time

Likewise, the color evaluation box, can be applied to industries that need to perform color difference testing, as follows, as the leading designer and manufacturer of color matching instrument products for graphic arts, photography, textile, dyeing, packaging, printing, leather, inks, knitwear, plastic, automotive and ceramics industries.

Importance of Perception in a Color Evaluation Boxย 

Fundamentally, color is appreciated under the sensitivity of the human eye, and it varies from person to person, often causing color to appear different in each individual, and even, perception can affect how the color of the sample is perceived. Thus, as it appears, it can affect the appearance of your color. Because seeing an object at a slightly different angle, for example, can make the object appear brighter or darker. Because of this, the angle at which the sample is viewed and other visual conditions, should be consistent in each assessment. It is therefore recommended that:ย 

  • Do not place any other objects in the evaluation box, which burst into the appearance of the color.
  • Place samples flat inside the box or at a 45ยฐ angle, changing position from left to right and up to down, to observe any change in color.
  • Hold the samples in parallel so that color differences can be identified.ย 

Color Evaluation Boxes Configurationsย 

Within the mechanisms of an evaluation box, it facilitates the importance of color, since it is one of the most important characteristics of an object, and the evaluation of this must be adequate and accurate in the samples.ย 

The configuration of the box is very important, because it allows to form two or three illuminants, which are suggested for the evaluation of metamerism, being these D65 (Daylight), F2 (fluorescent light) and A (incandescent light).

As a result, the images illuminated with D65, radiates more energy in the region of the blues, in the case of the illuminant F2 (cold white light), more energy is radiated in the region of the yellows and finally the illuminant A (incandescent), radiates more energy in the region of the reds.

The configuration of the equipment is important, if you are making an application of raw material and you only want to evaluate the color, without taking into account the effect of the appearance, then you should configure the box, in a specular mechanism to measure the color, without considering the appearance of finishing it.ย 

Kalstein Brand Color Evaluation Box

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