How is Color Science defined? Color Evaluation Boxes

The science of color, from a sensory definition, is the way in which light is reflected on the surfaces, of objects; color is that part of the visible that is reflected from a plane and the amount of light, which is reflected or absorbed a surface, determines its color.ย 

Therefore, the study of color is based on maintaining the projection of objects or samples, in a detailed and appropriate way, from different light sources. The intervention of the color evaluation box as a study tool, allows simulating from different light principles, the objective evaluation of shades and tones at any time and from any perspective.

The purpose of the tool, also known as color combination box, color combination cabinet, display booth, etc., provides users, meet color difference tests, whether for lighting manufacturers, graphic arts display, photography, textile, printing, ceramics, plastic, automotive and laboratory.ย 

Color Study

In any color evaluation, parameters such as subjective processes are involved, which must be standardized for the process to be reliable, and has to do with the light source, the observer and the object to evaluate.ย 

It should be noted, that the light source, can mean a drastic change in how the color of an object is perceived. For color evaluation purposes, it is very important to define the type of illuminant, under which the observation will be performed, since a sample can go from having an acceptable color, under a certain illuminant, to a deviated color, under another illuminant, among them this: D65 Day Light, TL84, Cool White Fluorescent CWF, Incandescent A light, etc.

Also, among the parameters of the color evaluation, it has to do with the observer, since he is the person in charge of controlling the tool and has experience to have elements of judgment, when discerning between accepting a color or rejecting it. In this sense, the object to be evaluated is achieved depending on the physical presentation of the object and its disposition.

Importance of Color Assessmentย 

The importance of the science that describes colors, through an evaluation box, is responsible for calculating and manifesting the appearance of products, as well as ordering human visual perception, with color values. The color assessment box’s primary objective provides uniform, standardized viewing environments for appreciating color variations, detecting light sources, and participating accurately throughout the supply chain.

Accordingly, it is recommended that:

  • The environment where the study is done by means of the evaluation box, should be a with an adequate level of lighting.
  • Use a single luminaire type and brand (spotlights or fluorescent) to avoid variation of the color of the light source.
  • The arrangement and height of the luminaires must be adequate.
  • Do not exceed the use of the evaluation box, because it can cause variations in hue and shades.ย 
  • Keep samples and color charts properly.

The evaluation method, the arrangement of the samples, the types of illuminants, the acceptance criteria and ranges, etc., define the perception of the color of the samples to be evaluated.

However, environmental and personal factors such as excessive heat, poor ventilation, work stress, fatigue, emotional problems, health problems, etc., affect the correct performance of the observer. Care should be taken to keep these factors under control before performing such tasks.

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