Use of Centrifuge in Cosmetology

Cosmetology professionals have different types of tools that allow them to create high quality cosmetic products for their customers. Laboratory centrifuge is one such tool and is used to separate components of aqueous solutions. This is achieved by adding a solvent to a solution and then applying an accelerator to obtain the desired components. A laboratory centrifuge is a mechanical apparatus that works with a centrifugal force to separate the components.

This machinery is widely used in cosmetology laboratories, where professionals use it to separate components of aqueous solutions such as emulsions, oils, tinctures and cosmetic dyes. Different types of substances such as salts, pigments, fats, oils and other chemical compounds can be extracted, as can the active ingredients contained in cosmetic formulations.

Benefits of Use

One of the most common methods used in cosmetology laboratories is centrifuge. This tool is used to separate the components of a mixture, either solid or liquid, by using a centrifugal force. This is done by having the component centrifuged inside a camera that rotates at a very high speed. The component, when rotated, is separated from the others. Centrifugation is a very useful method for separating the components of a liquid mixture and allows the solution to be concentrated even further once the components have been separated.

One of the main benefits of using a centrifuge for the cosmetic formulation is that it allows to obtain products of high concentration, which allows the functional ingredients to work better. Cosmetic formulations use liquid foci that contain different concentrations of the components. By using centrifugation, liquids can reach the optimal concentration for a better result in the final product. In addition, the speed of the centrifuge allows to obtain high quality products in a short period of time. Cosmetic products are often subject to rigorous quality controls, so using centrifuge ensures a selection of the best ingredients added to a cosmetic product.

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