Use of Centrifuge for the production of Olive Oil

The centrifuge is a tool used in the production of olive oil to separate the oil from the pulp of the olive. This technique is considered one of the most effective methods to ensure the best optimal quality of olive oil.

Centrifugation has been the most important process for isolating olive oils since their introduction in the 1960s. It is a mechanical process of separating solid particles of liquids, used to separate high oil content components, not soluble in water. Separation requires the use of a centrifuge, built to allow the flow of liquid through different compartments, separating solids and liquids and allowing separation, based on viscosity and density.

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Method for Oil Extraction

There are currently two main types of centrifuges used in olive oil production: the gear centrifuge and the disk centrifuge. The gear centrifuge is an important machine that works with rotational speeds of up to 4,000 rpm. The gear spinning mechanism creates a centrifugal force that helps separate oil from solids.

In the case of disk centrifuge, this is also an important tool for olive oil production. It is a machine that works by accelerating the orbit of the liquid and solidifying the products as they travel around a stainless steel disk. This generates a centrifugal force that separates the oil from the olive pulp. Once the oil is separated, it is stored and packaged for marketing.

The method used for oil extraction, it is important to follow a quality extraction process. The various steps in this procedure include washing the olives, separating them so that they can be ground, pressing them cold to spread the oil and finally spinning them apart. All these steps must be followed to obtain a quality product. The use of a high quality centrifuge is the key to ensure that the oil obtained has the best organoleptic qualities.

Good maintenance of the centrifuge is important to maintain the quality of the oil obtained. A good cleaning every week to avoid the accumulation of fat in the zipper is very important. In addition, the centrifuge requires a suitable lubricant.

Benefits of Centrifuge

One of the main benefits of centrifugation for olive oil production is that it provides a great time saving, as liquids are centrifuged at a high speed. It is also an effective tool to separate impurities and to prevent the oxidation of it.

Centrifugation is an effective procedure to obtain high quality oil, and has become the accepted way to separate the base of the pulp from the olive for processing. To produce such a product, it is important to follow a series of steps and best practices to use the centrifuge, this will allow to obtain an oil of the best quality and optimal nutritional value to meet the needs of the consumer.

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