General Characteristics of Microwave Digesters: Comparing Kalstein and Sineo

Microwave digesters are indispensable equipment for any laboratory conducting sample digestion processes, particularly in environmental sciences, food, and metallurgy, where it is crucial to efficiently break down the compounds present in the samples. In this article, we will compare the models from Kalstein and Sineo, highlighting the technical specifications, advantages, and disadvantages of each.

Kalstein YR04953/ YR04954/ YR04955/ YR04956

Kalsteinโ€™s microwave digesters stand out for their variety in vessel capacity, ranging from 6 to 12. Moreover, all equipment has pressure and temperature control in all vessels, guaranteeing maximum precision and efficiency in sample digestion.

The vessel volume is 100ml and they are manufactured with high-quality materials: the inner vessel is imported TFM and the outer one is imported PEEK & fiberglass. Thanks to their temperature range of 50-400โ„ƒย and adjustable microwave power of 0-1000W, these units adapt to different types of samples and digestion requirements.

Sineo TANK

Sineoโ€™s microwave digester, only available with 12 vessels whose volume is also 100ml. This model features an inner TFM vessel and an outer Xtra Fiber one, ensuring its resistance and durability. Its temperature range is -40-305โ„ƒย and it possesses a microwave power of 1600W. However, a notable drawback is that it does not have pressure and temperature control in all vessels, which may impact the digestion processโ€™s efficiency.

Comparison and Verdict

When comparing models from each manufacturer, significant differences are evident in the technical specifications and each oneโ€™s advantages. In terms of purchase and price, Kalstein offers more vessel capacity options, all with pressure and temperature control.

Specification Model KALSTEIN
YR04953-/ YR04954/ YR04955/ YR04956
Vessels 6/8/10/12 vessels 12 vessels
Pressure control All vessels pressure control
Temperature control All vessels temperature control
Vessel volume 100ml 100ml
Pressure testing method / Temperature testing method Contactless
Vessel matrial Inner vessel: imported TFM / Outer vessel: imported PEEK&glass fiber Inner vessel: TFM / Outer vessel: Xtra Fiber
Pressure control range 0-15MPA 0-15MPA
Inner vessel temperature limit 300โ„ƒ 300โ„ƒ
Temperature range 50-400โ„ƒ -40-305โ„ƒ
Microwave power 0-1000W adjustable 1600W


On the other hand, Sineo provides an impressive microwave power of 1600W, although its lack of individual pressure and temperature control might be a disadvantage for some. In conclusion, for a lab seeking versatility, control, and efficiency, Kalsteinโ€™s microwave digesters appear to be the more advantageous option.