Cutting-edge technology in laboratory equipment Comparison between KALSTEIN YR04950 and Analytik jena Multi N/C UV HS

Both present themselves as innovative options to meet the critical demands of modern laboratories. “KALSTEIN YR04950” and “Analytik jena Multi N/C UV HS” use the UV wet chemical oxidation method to measure and analyze content in liquid samples.

In terms of detection range, the manufacturer KALSTEIN offers a range from 5μg/L to 10,000mg/L, compared to 2μg/L to 10,000mg/L offered by Analytik jena model. This means that although both models have similar slow detection capabilities, the YR04950 requires a slightly higher detection threshold of 5μg/L.

Detailed detection and analysis 

Both the YR04950 and Multi N/C UV HS are equipped with NDIR detectors, although they differ on which elements they can measure. KALSTEIN YR04950 can measure TC, TIC, TOC, NPOC while Analytik jena Multi N/C UV HS can measure TC, TOC, NPOC, TIC and offers the option to detect TNb.

The KALSTEIN YR04950 is at a disadvantage with the inclusion of additional options for the Multi N/C UV HS such as nitrogen detection and solid modules. However, KALSTEIN compensates for this with easier handling in sample dilution, as it is done manually.

Operational control and sample customization

Both models require a PC for their operating control and both offer an optional autosampler for sample injection. We would like to point out that Analytik jena does not specify its dilution method, which could generate doubts about its operability.

KALSTEIN YR04950 and Analytik jena Multi N/C UV HS provide support according to 21 CFR PART 11, IQ, OQ, PQ documents, ensuring compatibility with international regulations. This contributes to the peace of mind that laboratories are looking for in terms of compliance with standards and norms.

Support and compliance with standards

The choice between these models will largely depend on the individual needs and preferences of each laboratory. However, the fact that KALSTEIN YR04950 provides a manual dilution system may be a point to consider for those laboratories seeking detailed control and greater customization in their processes.

In addition, the price-value ratio will lead the labs to consider which model offers the best cost/quality ratio. In this sense, KALSTEIN, as a recognized and reliable manufacturer in the panorama of laboratory equipment, is a safe choice for the purchase and sale of high-quality equipment.

On the other hand, Analytik jena Multi N/C UV HS, offers advantages for laboratories looking for the TNb option, still waiting for details regarding its dilution method. Please remember, the final decision in buying should come after a comprehensive evaluation based on each lab’s specific needs.