The Exceptional Functionality of Kalstein Laboratory Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinets

Laminar flow cabinets are vital equipment in any laboratory that requires a clean and sterile environment. Kalstein models are especially highlighted for their advanced technologies and efficient designs that optimize air cleanliness and minimize contamination. Below, the technical specifications and features of four brands models are presented: YR05746, YR05744, YR05738, and YR05735.

Model YR05746: Efficiency and Flexibility

Kalsteinโ€™s YR05746 model offers laboratories a complete laminar flow solution with horizontal and vertical air supply. This allows for greater flexibility in the handling and arrangement of samples. With a cleanliness level of Class 100 according to the U.S. federal government regulations (US Federal 209E), it guarantees a minimal contamination of โ‰ค0.5 colonies per plateยทhour.

In addition to its air purification abilities, this model is notable for its adjustable average wind speed (0.25๏ฝž0.45 m/s), which allows changing the speed of the clean airflow according to user needs. Despite its power, the device is remarkably quiet, emitting noise levels of only โ‰ค62dB (A).

Model YR05744: Ideal for Reduced Spaces

The YR05744 model offers the same cleaning and quietness features as the previous model, but with a slightly smaller design, making it ideal for laboratories needing to optimize space. This model has an exclusively vertical air supply, making it perfect for activities requiring a constant flow of clean air from above.

In terms of energy, the YR05744 is more efficient than the YR05746, with a maximum energy consumption of just 400W. Despite its compact size, this model doesnโ€™t sacrifice airflow efficiency or cleanliness level.

Model YR05738: Enjoy Simplicity and Quality

Similar to the YR05744 model, the YR05738 model provides a single vertical air supply. However, this device stands out for its design simplicity and efficiency. It offers the same level 100 cleaning features and low noise level of โ‰ค62dB.

This model has a working area dimension of 880x650x580mm, making it a viable option for a single user, maximizing efficiency without sacrificing performance. And with a maximum power consumption of 400W, this model is about energy-efficient.

Model YR05735: Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet

The YR05735 model differs from previous models by having a horizontal airflow, which can be beneficial for certain applications. It meets the same class 100 cleanliness level and has an equally low noise level of โ‰ค62dB.

This model is the smallest of those mentioned, with a working area of 690ร—490ร—490mm, making this device very suitable for laboratories with severe space limitations. Despite its compact size, this model doesnโ€™t sacrifice air cleaning efficiency and wind speed.

In conclusion, Kalsteinโ€™s range of laminar flow cabinets offers laboratories high-efficiency, silent, and varied size product options capable of meeting almost any environmentโ€™s needs. From YR05746โ€™s efficiency to YR05735โ€™s space convenience, these devices provide an indispensable clean and safe environment in all laboratories.