Technological Advancement in Laboratory Equipment: Specifications of the Kalstein Model YR0090-A and its Variants

In the vast world of laboratory equipment, efficiency, accuracy and safety are essential factors. The Kalstein Model YR0090-A features state-of-the-art technical specifications that have been noted for their superior biosafety and performance. This article provides a detailed description and breakdown of the technical specifications of the YR0090-A model and its variants.

Class II A2 Biosafety Cabinet: Model YR0090-Aย 

Kalsteinโ€™s YR0090-A Class II A2 Biosafety Cabinet YR0090-A features a cleanliness rating of Class 100 @ โ‰ฅ0.5ฮผm (U.S. Federal 209E). It guarantees a colony count of โ‰ค0.5pcs/plate-hour (ฮฆ90mm culture plate), which implies an extremely clean working environment, free of most harmful bacteria and microorganisms. The equipment offers stable wind velocities inside the cabinet, with 0.27ยฑ0.025 m/s internally and a front suction air velocity of 0.55mยฑ0.025m/s. This ensures an efficient air barrier to prevent cross contamination.

This model records a noise level of โ‰ค65dB(A), which is conducive to a quiet working environment. Its maximum power consumption is 600W, ensuring efficient and energy-efficient performance. In addition, the equipment has a weight of 140KG, robust and built to last.

The Expandable Line of Class II A2 Safety Cabinets: Models YR0090B (SS), YR0090C (SS), YR0090D (SS) and YR0090E(SS)

To suit various needs, Kalsteinโ€™s YR0090-A model comes in variants that vary in size, exhaust system and power. All models work with a rotation voltage of 220V and a rotation frequency of 50HZ. The models are divided into singles and doubles in terms of housing capacity.

The overall dimensions and operating space increase as the models move from YR0090B to YR0090E, providing greater flexibility depending on the userโ€™s needs. Power ratings for these models range from 1100W to 1800W, with different exhaust systems and wattages of UV and fluorescent lamps.

New Alternatives in Biosafety Cabinets: Models YR05704 to YR05707 and YR05270 โ€“ YR05271

Kalsteinโ€™s YR057 Series guarantees Class 100@โ‰ฅ0.5ฮผm cleanliness as well as the YR0090-A model. It introduces variations in terms of maximum power consumption and weight, which offers a variety of options depending on specific laboratory requirements.

Model YR05270 and YR05271 feature equally impressive specifications, adding the advantage of an operating environment of ambient temperature 10-30 โ„ƒ and relative humidity below 70%.

The Kalstein YR0090-A models and their variants provide a high quality and reliable solution for the biosafety requirements in modern laboratories. Whether you need a single model or a larger model with double capacity, Kalsteinโ€™s YR0090 line has all options covered.