Specifications and Features of Kalstein Models of Laboratory Water Distillers

Distilled water plays an indispensable role in a laboratory environment, from washing materials to creating sterile environments for experiments and analysis. Kalstein Water Distillers expand the definition of this vital process, offering high efficiency, automation and reliability. These models, with their different capacities and control systems, are designed to suit the specific needs of each laboratory.

Kalstein models present contemporary innovation in this field with technical specifications that increase efficiency, automation and overall performance. This article will focus on the technical specifications and features of the models: YR05969, YR05970, YR05971, YR05972, YR05973 and YR05974.

Specifications of YR05969 and YR05970 Stainless Steel Electric Water Distillers

YR05969 and YR05970 are stainless steel electric water distillers, which offer individual distillation. Their applicable power supplies are 220V/50Hz and 380V/50Hz, respectively. They are notable for their automatic electrical system, with a power of 4.5kW and 7.5kW and a water consumption of โ‰ฅ5L/h and โ‰ฅ10L/h in each model. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/stainless-steel-electric-water-distiller-yr05969-yr05970/

Furthermore, with respect to capacity, the YR05969 model is capable of distilling 5L/h, while the YR05970 model can distill up to 10L/h. These distillers are compact and efficient for small and medium laboratories.

20L Stainless Steel Electric Water Distiller YR05971

Model YR05971, on the other hand, is a high capacity model. With an impressive distillation power that can handle up to 20L/h, this distiller can cater to large laboratories and research centers with high demands for distilled water.

It is powered by 380V/50Hz voltage and requires a water flow of at least 20L/h to operate. Its power is around 15kW. This model stands out for its robust and resistant design, made of stainless steel and with an advanced automatic electrical system. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/electric-stainless-steel-20l-water-distiller-yr05971/

Specifications of YR05972 and YR05973 automatic control water distillers

The YR05972 and YR05973 models, which operate on 220V/50Hz and 380V/50Hz power supplies respectively, include the automatic water shortage control feature. They operate with power ratings of 4.5kW and 7.5kW, and consume at least 5L/h and 10L/h of water respectively.

With capacities of 5L/h and 10L/h, they also feature compact packing dimensions (35ร—34ร—78cm and 42ร—38ร—90cm, respectively), being practical for laboratories with limited space. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/automatic-control-water-distiller-yr05972-yr05973/

High Quality Automatic Controlled Water Distiller 20L YR05974

Model YR05974 is another powerful distiller that operates on 380V/50Hz voltages and possesses automatic water shortage control features. Given its use of 15kW of power and its consumption of at least 20L/h of water, this efficient device can produce up to 20L/h of distilled water. With compact package dimensions (51x36x80cm), this distiller is an excellent choice for laboratories requiring large quantities of distilled water. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/high-quality-automatic-control-water-distiller-20l-yr05974/

In summary, Kalsteinโ€™s range of laboratory water distillers offers users a variety of options to meet their distilled water demands. Each model is robust, efficient and designed with modern features that facilitate water distillation in any scientific or technical laboratory.