Power and Precision in the Lab: Kalsteinโ€™s Non-Refrigerated Centrifuges

In a world where medicine and science are the backbone in the fight against diseases, it is crucial to have cutting-edge laboratory equipment. Among these devices, non-refrigerated centrifuges are an essential component in any lab. Centrifuges are devices used to separate components of a mix based on their size, shape, density, viscosity, and the centrifugal force applied. Kalstein offers a variety of non-refrigerated centrifuge models, designed to operate with high efficiency and precision.

Oil Test Centrifuge YR138

The YR138 is a top-line laboratory tool, designed with meticulous attention to precision and performance. This model reaches a maximum speed of 5000 r/min, and a maximum RCF force of 3850 x g, guaranteeing efficient separation, even of the densest samples. It can hold up to 36 tubes of 10 ml, making it perfectly suited for large-scale research efforts. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/oil-test-centrifuge-yr138/

With a speed accuracy of ยฑ 50 r/min and a time setting of up to 99 minutes, this model allows for fine adjustments and long-duration processes. The temperature can be adjusted between 20 and 80ยฐC, with an accuracy of ยฑ 2ยฐC, allowing for total and precise control of the centrifugation process. In addition, the YR138 operates at a low noise level, less than 65 dB (A), and consumes power efficiently through its 220V/50Hz power supply.

Mini Centrifuge YR143

The mini centrifuge YR143 offers mobility and precision in a compact package. It reaches a maximum speed of 6000 r/min and a maximum RCF of 2000 x g. Despite its compact size, this model can handle an array of tubes with capacities of 0.2ml, 0.5ml and 1.5ml. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/mini-centrifuge-yr143/

It stands out in its energy efficiency, being compatible with 110V/60Hz and 220V/50Hz power supplies, and its low noise level of less than 48 dB (A). It is ideal for labs where space is paramount, without sacrificing centrifugation efficacy.

PRP Centrifuge YR469-1 with LCD Display

The YR469-1 is specifically designed for the preparation of platelet-rich plasma (PRP). It reaches a maximum speed of 4000 r/min and a maximum RCF force of 2220 x g, allowing for the efficient separation of whole blood. The maximum capacity varies depending on the rotor angle, with options of 7ml, 15ml, 20ml and 50ml. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/centrifuge-prp-yr469/

This centrifuge operates with a speed accuracy of ยฑ 30 r/min and a time setting that extends up to 99 min, allowing for meticulous adjustment of the separation process. The low noise level of less than 65 dB (A) and compatibility with two power supply voltages (110V/60Hz and 220V/50Hz) make it a preferred option for multiple lab applications.

Low Speed Tabletop Centrifuge YR134

The YR134 model specializes in handling larger sample volumes. With a maximum capacity of 500 ml x 4, this low speed tabletop centrifuge is ideal for labs dealing with large volumes of samples. Its maximum speed is 5000 r/min, with a maximum RCF of 5030 x g, surpassing many comparable models. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/speed-table-centrifuge-yr134/

By maintaining a low noise level (<65 dB (A)) and consuming power efficiently through its 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz power supply, this model is an environmentally considerate option. The speed accuracy is ยฑ 50 r/min, and the time setting can be up to 99 minutes, providing absolute flexibility to adapt to individual laboratory protocols.

Kalsteinโ€™s non-refrigerated centrifuges combine efficiency, flexibility, and power to meet the demanding requirements of modern labs. With multiple options for speed, capacity, and adjustability, these models cover all the bases to ensure precise and reproducible results.