Outstanding Technical Equipment with the Kalstein Laboratory Homogenizer YR02956

One of the latest models from the renowned Kalstein brand that has revolutionized scientific and clinical laboratories is the Laboratory Homogenizer Model YR02956. This article aims to describe its amazing technical specifications and features that make it a very useful and innovative equipment that contributes to improve the efficiency and productivity of laboratories.

Power and Functionality at the Service of Modern Laboratory Technology

The scientific world increasingly needs highly efficient and reliable tools, as many of todayโ€™s most cutting-edge research projects require precision and consistency. The Kalstein YR02956 laboratory homogenizer offers just that, through a very powerful 100 W brushless DC motor, outperforming many of its kind on the market.

This incredible device offers exceptional torque of 450 m N.M, allowing for efficient and reliable rotational motion. In addition, it has a voltage flexibility of 220V +/- 10% or 110V +/- 10%, making it easy to incorporate into different electrical grids. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/electric-ceiling-shaker-with-digital-display-yr02956/

Speed and Capacity: Versatility and Improved Performance

Versatility is one of the most important factors to consider when investing in laboratory equipment, and the Kalstein YR02956 Laboratory Homogenizer has taken this into account. Its rotational speed allows two options: 60-1500 rpm or 60-2000 rpm. These ranges ensure optimal operating settings, providing the maximum possible adaptability to sample variations.

In addition, its capacity to add from 50ml to 50L makes it the ideal tool to treat samples of various magnitudes. This flexibility of capacity allows you to work with a large volume of samples, facilitating procedures and increasing time efficiency.

Intelligent Design with High Quality Materials

As expected from Kalstein equipment, quality and intelligent design are key points. The YR02956 Homogenizer comes equipped with a stainless steel rod, known for its durability and corrosion resistance, making it a safe tool for long-term experiments.

Its 350mm rod length and 700mm holder length allow it to adapt to different vessel sizes and working distances. This gives the equipment a wider operating range, increasing its possibilities for use in any laboratory and with any type of sample.

Digital Innovation for Greater Convenience and Control

In the digital age, interaction with electronic devices should be as easy as possible. The Kalstein YR02956 Laboratory Homogenizer features a digital LED display. This display allows clear and direct monitoring of homogenization processes, providing an unprecedented level of control to users.

On the other hand, digital devices offer greater accuracy and ease of use. With this type of display, experiments become more reliable and results more accurate, contributing to the success of any laboratory. In conclusion, the Kalstein YR02956 Laboratory Homogenizer represents the perfect union of power, versatility, quality and digital control.