Microtomes for Histology Laboratories: The YR422 and YR420 models by Kalstein

Microtomes are an essential component in histology laboratories. These devices allow researchers to create thin sections of tissue that can be studied under a microscope. Various models offer different capabilities, but all share the common goal of enabling a better understanding of tissue and cellular structure.

Kalstein, as a reference in the field of scientific equipment, presents two exceptional models of microtomes for histology laboratories: the YR422 and the YR420.

Histology Laboratory Microtomes

Microtomes play an essential role in histology laboratories. Their main objective is to make thin cuts of samples which are then viewed under a microscope. Technological advances offer us more and more models with improved characteristics and functionalities. In this sense, the YR422 and YR420 models from Kalstein stand out notably. Both devices show unparalleled precision and performance thanks to high-quality components and an ingenious design.

Technical Specifications of the YR422 Rotary Microtome

The YR422 model from Kalstein has a cutting thickness adjustment range that goes from 0 to 500 μm, with a minimum cut thickness setting of 1 μm. This, along with a movement range of the blade holder and BladeHolder base of between 0-50 mm and 0-20 mm respectively, offers extensive possibilities for sample handling. Regarding dimensions, the YR422, with 340 × 335 × 270 mm and weighing 19kg, provides a compact and sturdy device perfectly adapted to any laboratory environment. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/rotary-microtome-yr422/

Regarding accuracy, a crucial element for this type of devices, the error remains at an excellent ±5%. The total feed of the sample is 30 mm horizontally and the vertical stroke of the sample is 55 mm. The maximum size of samples it can handle is 50 × 60 mm, making it a versatile option for both smaller and larger samples.

Technical Specifications of the YR420 Manual Microtome

The YR420 model from Kalstein, despite being a manual model, offers impressive technical specifications. It maintains the same cutting thickness adjustment range as the YR422, from 0 to 500 μm, and a minimum cut thickness setting of 1 μm. As for the movement range of the pressure plate Blade and the knife holder base, it stands between 0-23 mm and 0-60 mm respectively. Its precision error is only ±1%, highlighting its excellent performance. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/manual-microtome-yr420/

Additionally, this model offers a sample holder rotation at any angle within 360 degrees, providing greater versatility in sample handling. Like the YR422, this model handles a maximum sample size of 50×60mm. In terms of dimensions, this model is slightly larger with 420×330×330 mm and a net weight of 19kg.

Comparison of Kalstein Microtomes Models

In general terms, the YR422 and YR420 models from Kalstein boast high-end features and specifications. While both models handle the same sample dimensions, the YR420 offers greater precision and a knife holder base with a wider range of movement. However, the YR422 rotary model is not far behind, offering a larger total sample feed in the horizontal plane.

At the end of the day, the choice of model will depend on the individual needs and preferences of each laboratory. Undoubtedly, both models offer excellent performance and precision, providing laboratory professionals with an effective and efficient tool.