Laboratory HbA1c Analyzer Model YR05129: A Step Forward in Accuracy in Laboratory Medicine

The Kalstein Model YR05129 Laboratory HbA1c Analyzer is an indispensable medical device in diabetes monitoring and diagnosis. Thanks to its advanced technology, it delivers highly accurate results with exceptional consistency. This article provides a detailed breakdown of the technical specifications and unique features of this advanced clinical analysis equipment.

Unmatched Accuracy and Consistent Accuracyย 

One of the main qualities of the YR05129 HbA1c analyzer is its remarkable precision and accuracy. It meets the highest standards for measurement fidelity, with a precision (Coefficient of Variation, CV) equal to or less than 3.0% and an accuracy within ยฑ3.0%. This reliability in the results is fundamental in clinical decision making and optimizes the confidence of both the health professional and the patient.

The measurement capacity of this model ranges from 4.0% to 16.0%, which allows it to cover a wide spectrum of patients, including those with type 1, type 2 and prediabetes. Thus, the YR05129 analyzer becomes a key tool in the prevention, monitoring and control of this metabolic condition.

Easy Interface and Measurement Setup

The functional design of this analyzer includes a 3.5-inch color LCD touch screen for easy operation and results display. Only 10uL of blood sample is required for each analysis, which can be obtained from fingertip or venous blood, adapting to the patientโ€™s needs and preferences.

In addition, it integrates an external printer to print the measurement results instantly, optimizing the efficiency of the laboratory workflow and allowing a physical record of the result obtained for future reference.

Compact and Durable

With a size of 135mm*65mm*25mm and a weight of 125g, the YR05129 HbA1c analyzer is portable and suitable for various workspaces. Its compact design does not sacrifice its durability and robustness. It is powered by DC 5V 1000mA and 5VA, ensuring stable operation.

In addition, its LED light source with sleep function prolongs the lampโ€™s lifetime, making it an environmentally friendly and energy efficient option.

Advanced Metering Technologyย 

Finally, this model employs the boronate affinity chromatography principle, a superior methodology considered a benchmark for HbA1c due to its high specificity and accuracy. Through this advanced technology, the YR05129 HbA1c Analyzer is positioned as a high quality and guaranteed performance option.

In summary, the Kalstein Model YR05129 Laboratory HbA1c Analyzer is a device that provides reliable results, maximum ease of use, portability, and stealthy, long-lasting operation. Each of these features makes this medical device an invaluable resource in the fight against diabetes.