Kalsteinโ€™s Electric Water Distillers: A Superior Choice for Water Purification

The Kalstein family of Kalstein Electric Heating Tower Double Water Distillation equipment has been designed with innovation and efficiency in mind. Models range from the YR05978 to the YR05982, all focused on providing optimum performance with an excellent balance between consumption and production. These laboratory instruments are synonymous with efficiency and reliable operation, suitable for perfecting laboratory workflows.

These units have design nuances that allow the steam supply pressure and cooling water pressure to be properly regulated, ensuring a consistent mass of distilled water. The constant steam supply pressure of 0.4MPa maximizes disinfection efficiency, while the cooling water pressure of 0.2MPa ensures that the cooling process occurs smoothly.

Model and performance variations

Each unit has a different capacity to meet a variety of laboratory needs. For example, model YR05978 has a capacity and water discharge of 50L/h, while model YR05979 can handle twice that amount, with a capacity and water discharge of 100L/h. The remaining models, YR05980, YR05981, YR05982, scale up in capacity and water discharge, reaching up to 600L/h, making it ideal for high-demand jobs. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/electric-water-distiller-yr05978-yr05982/

In addition, steam consumption is approximately 1:1, which means that for every liter of water consumed, one liter of steam is obtained. This ratio ensures an efficient method of distillation while maintaining low water usage, with a consumption ratio of no more than 1:14.

Dimensions and versatility of Kalstein models

The Kalstein line of distillers has variations in dimensions according to the model chosen. For example, the YR05978 model has dimensions of 75ร—65ร—145cm, compact enough for laboratories with limited space. In comparison, the YR05982 offers customizable features and custom dimensions, providing the versatility to adapt to the laboratoryโ€™s needs.

Versatility is built into every aspect of these distillers, from their design and dimensions to their capacity and performance. Regardless of laboratory size or production demands, there is a Kalstein model to suit the specific needs of each situation.

Kalstein: leader in laboratory distillationย 

Kalstein Electric Heated Tower Type Double Water Distillation equipment is a solid investment for laboratories looking to improve their distillation processes. This high quality equipment, driven by modern technology, will not only help improve efficiency, but will also ensure sustainable distillation processes.

In addition, Kalstein distillers not only offer a high level of performance, but also ensure operator safety and distillation accuracy. With Kalstein distillation solutions, laboratories can expect reliable and efficient operation, resulting in high quality distilled water production.