Kalstein’s Advanced Ultrasonic Digital Display Cleaners: An in-depth technical overview

In a world increasingly wedded to science and technology, Kalstein’s range of laboratory equipment is a promise of precision, durability and high performance. In this review, it highlights an exclusive line of Digital Display Ultrasonic Cleaners, which represent a significant advancement for laboratory and medical environments.

Technical specifications of the basic models

Kalstein’s YR05208 and YR05209 ultrasonic cleaner models offer compact and practical dimensions, with a package size of 242*227*265mm and 242*227*275mm respectively. Their internal slot measures 150*135*100mm and they have a tank capacity of 2L. Both models have a dual voltage system that allows them to be used in different parts of the world by supporting a range of AC 110-120V 60Hz and AC 220-240V 50Hz. In addition, both models have a power of 70W and an ultrasonic frequency of 40KHz. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/ultrasonic-washing-machine-portable-yr05208/

The YR05208 and YR05209 models come equipped with an adjustable time setting of 10-600S. The net weights are 2.6KG and 2.7 KG, indicating their light weight and manageability. Although these models are compact, their high performance ensures effective ultrasonic cleaning, even in the busiest laboratories. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/2liter-ultrasonic-cleaner-for-jewelry-yr05209/

The YR05210-YR05218 series: Enhanced dimensions and capabilities

This series of Kalstein ultrasonic cleaner models come with increased internal dimensions, volume and power to meet the needs of larger laboratories with high demand for constant ultrasonic cleaning. Models range from a capacity of 3.2L (model YR05210) to an optimized capacity of 30L (model YR05218). https://www.kalstein.nl/product/series-digital-desktop-ultrasonic-cleaner-yr05210-yr05216/

The internal dimensions of these models vary according to capacity, for example, the YR05210 model has internal dimensions of 240*135*100 while the YR05218 model has internal dimensions of 500*300*200. Similarly, the ultrasonic power increases from 120W to 600W, ensuring high efficiency in cleaning processes.

YR05220-YR05228 Series: Innovation and Energy Efficiency

The YR05220 to YR05228 models offer a capacity ranging from 3.2L to 30L. All models in this series have a working frequency of 40KHz and feature Degas functionality to remove air bubbles from liquids inside the tank, which improves ultrasonic cleaning efficiency.

Each model features a 0-100% power regulation capability, allowing the user full control of the cleaning performance. The series also offers a timing function with a 1-99 minute range and a 0-80°C temperature range. Each model includes a protective cover and drain valve, and all have the option of including a wash basket. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/desktop-ultrasonic-cleaner-yr05220-yr05228/

Tailored solutions for every need

Kalstein offers a wide range of digital display ultrasonic cleaners capable of meeting a variety of needs, from small-scale ultrasonic cleaning to demanding large-scale cleaning tasks. With a wide range of tank capacities and adjustable parameters, Kalstein models offer cleaning solutions tailored to each laboratory.