Kalstein Water Distiller YR05986: An Indispensable Ally in Every Lab

In the field of laboratories and medical research, the quality and purity of water play an essential role. For this purpose, water distillers represent a crucial tool. Today, we introduce you to Kalsteinโ€™s small but powerful Water Distiller, model YR05986, a must-have machine for any laboratory that requires reliable and consistent delivery of distilled water.

Sturdy and robust design

Manufactured to the highest quality standards, the Kalstein water distiller, part number YR05986, features packaged dimensions of 61x54x51 cm, with a net weight of 4.3 kg. Its compact size and light weight make this equipment easy to place, even in laboratories with limited space. This machine is a combination of great design and easy handling that adds value to the daily workflow in the laboratory.

In its external body, we can notice its robustness and at the same time its delicacy that turns this equipment into a durable working tool. The machine also has an exceptional capacity for its dimensions, supporting the distillation of up to 4L of water, which makes it a valuable attribute for laboratories seeking efficiency and performance. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/water-distiller-yr05986/

Excellent Technical Specificationsย 

Operating at a voltage of 220V/50Hz, the Kalstein YR05986 water distiller is a powerfully powered unit, offering outstanding energy efficiency with a power output of 750W. This power level ensures that the unit has the capacity to operate under constant demand while maintaining a high level of efficiency.

The technical specifications of this distiller are designed to meet critical water distillation needs, both in terms of quantity and quality. Laboratories can rely on this equipment to obtain high purity distilled water, essential for accurate experiments and testing.

Usability and Performanceย 

The YR05986 not only offers advanced technical features, but also stands out for its ease of use. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows easy operation of the equipment. In addition, its design provides quick access for maintenance and cleaning, ensuring a longer service life for the equipment.

Although this model is classified as small compared to other distillers, its 4L capacity and stable performance reaffirm that it is a powerful and efficient equipment. Its performance is consistent and capable of withstanding the demands of laboratories with high distillation requirements.

A Smart Investmentย 

The Kalstein YR05986 water distiller is definitely a smart investment for any laboratory looking to improve its performance. Its excellent technical features, combined with its robust design and ease of use, ensure that this equipment will be a reliable ally for laboratory water distillation.

To obtain the best results in any laboratory, high quality equipment such as the YR05986 is essential. This machine, with all its features, will increase productivity and efficiency, while ensuring the accuracy and purity of distilled water. With Kalstein, laboratories have the certainty of an investment well made.