Kalstein Series Self-Pressurizing Nitrogen Tanks: Efficient Storage and Supply for Laboratories and Medical Facilities

Science and technology have revolutionized the way medical laboratory activities are conducted. A particularly important example is the invention of nitrogen tanks for liquid nitrogen storage with Kalsteinโ€™s self-pressurized series. These state-of-the-art tanks have provided laboratories with a safe and efficient system for storing or supplying liquid nitrogen, essential for a multitude of scientific processes.

Kalstein Series Nitrogen Tanks

As technological advances revolutionize medical and laboratory science, efficient, convenient and safe state-of-the-art equipment is essential. Among these, Kalstein series nitrogen tanks stand out for their self-pressurizing features and optimized storage and supply capacity. Available in models from YR05423 to YR05437, their performance comprises liquid nitrogen (LN2) storage volumes ranging from 5L to 500L, satisfying a wide range of needs. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/biomedical-liquid-nitrogen-storage-solutions-yr05423-yr05437/

Optimizing space utilization, these round-shaped tanks are designed to offer the lowest static evaporation rate and high liquid nitrogen output per minute. Depending on the model, the static evaporation rate ranges from 0.15 L/day to 5.5 L/day, and the liquid nitrogen output varies from 2L/min to 10L/min.

Highlights of the Kalstein series tanks

Kalstein series self-pressurized nitrogen tanks are designed with features that ensure optimized operation and safe handling. One of its main aspects is self-pressurization, which allows maintaining the internal pressure of the tank at an optimal and constant level, avoiding the need for an external pressurization device. This system benefits in the reduction of liquid nitrogen evaporation, optimizing its use and operating costs.

Another element to highlight is the efficient storage and supply design. The range of liquid nitrogen storage volumes, from 5 to 500 liters, offers versatile options that can be adapted to the requirements and available space of each laboratory or medical center.

Technical specifications of the Kalstein series models

Kalstein series nitrogen tank models vary in liquid nitrogen storage capacity in liters (L), static evaporation (L/day), and liquid nitrogen output (L/min). For example, model YR05423 has a storage capacity of 5 L, with a static evaporation of 0.15 L/day and an output of 2 L/min.

At the high end, model YR05437 has a storage capacity of 500L, with a static evaporation of 5.5 L/day and an output of 10 L/min.

Benefits and applications of Kalstein series nitrogen tanks

With optimized and safe liquid nitrogen charging, Kalstein series nitrogen tanks are the ideal choice for environments that require a significant amount of cryogenics, such as research laboratories or medical centers. Their self-pressurized design ensures that the appropriate amount of liquid nitrogen is always available for use, guaranteeing process efficiency and safety.

Effective storage and supply of liquid nitrogen becomes essential in applications such as cryopreservation, where biological samples need to be kept at extremely low temperatures. In this regard, Kalstein series tanks are essential pieces of gear, maximizing the quality and durability of these delicate samples.

With Kalsteinโ€™s series of nitrogen tanks, users can rest assured that their liquid nitrogen storage and supply needs will be met with maximum efficiency, versatility and safety.