Kalstein mobile laboratory refrigerators: technical specifications and unique features

Laboratory refrigerators are a mainstay in any biomedical environment, and their precise operation is crucial for the proper preservation of sensitive samples. Kalstein, a prestigious manufacturer in the laboratory equipment sector, offers three different models of mobile refrigerators โ€“ YR06025, YR06026 and YR06027. In this article, we will explore their detailed technical specifications and features.

Innovative and safe refrigeration technology in the YR06025 and YR06026 models.

The Mobile Laboratory Refrigerators of the famous Kalstein brand, specifically the YR06025 and YR06026 models, are equipped with the forced air cooling method. This technology promotes uniform temperature distribution, ensuring that all specimens, chemicals and reagents are properly stored. In addition, they have a basket around the evaporator that provides more effective cooling.

Similarly, these models use R134a refrigerant, which is environmentally friendly and ensures the safety of the equipment and the laboratory. This refrigerant allows them to reach a temperature range of -10ยฐC to -25ยฐC/2~8ยฐC, operating efficiently in an ambient temperature of 10~32ยฐC. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/multipurpose-medical-transporter-yr06025-yr06026/

Reliability and Safety: A central focus in the construction of Kalstein laboratory chillersย 

The YR06025 and YR06026 models are equipped with a microprocessor temperature controller and a reliable NTC sensor. This allows precise temperature adjustment to protect the integrity and quality of stored materials. In addition, they have a digital display that provides easy reading and control of the internal conditions of the cooler.

It features an integrated alarm system that alerts the user in case of high/low temperature deviations, power failure, sensor error and controller failure. In addition, in case of power failure, these models guarantee a backup of up to 8 hours, ensuring that the materials remain in optimal conditions.

Versatile and durable design of models YR06025 and YR06026

Made of durable PE material, the YR06025 and YR06026 not only bring durability to the equipment, but also ease of cleaning and maintenance. With capacities of 30/1.06 L/cubic foot and 80/2.83 L/cubic foot respectively, these models strike the perfect balance between performance and size, making them an ideal choice for any laboratory.

The YR06027: Capacity and Performance in a Heavy-Duty Mobile Unit

Expanding the range of mobile laboratory refrigerators, Kalstein introduces the YR06027. This cooler incorporates a frost-free forced-air cooling system, which prevents ice build-up while providing uniform air circulation. Its 700/24.72 L/cu.ft capacity and 160W power rating make it a perfect choice for laboratories requiring a large-scale storage solution. https://www.kalstein.nl/product/large-capacity-biomedical-blood-bag-transport-cool-box-with-adjustable-temperature-yr06027/

This model operates with a voltage/frequency of DC12V DC24V AC220V, and like the previous models, uses R134a refrigerant. Its robust PE material body has a net weight of 182 kg and a gross weight of 209 kg, demonstrating its robustness and strength without compromising its mobility.